Ex-IZ*ONE Nako Hints at Her Acting Debut in South Korea + Picks Favorite K-Dramas – Kpopnews

Ex-IZ*ONE Nako Hints at Her Acting Debut in South Korea + Picks Favorite K-Dramas – Kpopnews

(Photo: Yabuki Nako (Kpop Wiki))

Ahead of her retirement as an idol in April, former IZ*ONE and HKT48 graduate Nako revealed her plans to make her acting debut in South Korea. Which K-Dramas left a deep impression on you?

On March 7th, Yabuki Nako, a member of HKT48 who burst onto the K-pop scene as IZ*ONE, revealed her plan after retiring as an idol.

Ex-IZ*ONE Nako Hints at Her Acting Debut in South Korea + Picks Favorite K-Drama Soompi

(Photo: Yabuki Nako (Yonhap News courtesy of SBS M))

In particular, the Japanese and former K-pop idol sat down for an interview with Korean media. Yonhap News Agency after completing SBS M’s joint Japanese-Korean audition program, The Idol Band: Boy’s Battle. The audition was organized by FNC Entertainment in search of a new idol group whose members possess both looks and musical ability.

From December 2022 to March 5, the female star worked as the show’s MC alongside SF9 Rowoon.

Ex-IZ*ONE Nako Hints at Her Acting Debut in South Korea + Picks Favorite K-Drama Soompi

(Photo: Yabuki Nako (Yonhap News courtesy of SBS M))

Nako said:

“This audition program recording took place in Korea, so I was very happy to see my Korean fans again after a long time.”

Yabuki Nako debuted as a Japanese idol on Team HKT48 in 2013. Through Mnet’s Korea-Japan joint audition program Produce 48, Nako was selected for IZ*ONE and made his 2018 idol debut in Korea 2021 Dissolved, leading to his return to Japan as a core member of HKT48.

Ancien IZ*ONE Yabuki Nako

(Photo: Twitter: @izone_and_one)
Ancien IZ*ONE Yabuki Nako

In February, Nako announced her graduation from the J-Pop team after 10 years and decided to retire as an idol to prepare for her transition into acting.

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Nevertheless, Nako recalled the importance of his two-and-a-half-year stint in Korea, saying:

“Living in a new environment was a great incentive. I learned the importance of working with members while living in the dorm.

Korean conversation also became possible. My experience in Korea allowed me to do the animation for The Idol Band: Boy’s Battle. In particular, the experience of performing on many music shows and concert stages in Korea has led me to what I am now.”

The image of Honda Hitomi in IZ*ONE vs. AKB48 attracts attention

(Photo: Nako, Hitomi (Instagram))

In fact, the Korean training system was also adopted by Nako even when she returned to Japan as HKT48. She confessed that she always filmed herself practicing, checking frame by frame to improve and adjust the choreography.

Regarding his experience as MC for the Audition program, Nako said:

“It was a precious moment to experience something I had never done before. I was nervous and unfamiliar at first, but SF9 Rowoon, who worked with me, said it was also his first time hosting a program, so I feel like we were able to help each other throughout the show. “

Ex-IZ*ONE Nako Shares Possible Acting Debut in Korea After Graduating HKT48+ Favorite K-Dramas Soompi

Former IZ*ONE Nako retires as an idol - here's her meaningful note

(Photo: Yabuki Nako (Kpop Wiki))

After announcing her idol graduation, Yabuki Nako first revealed that she was preparing to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming an actress.

Nako Yabuki explained:

“After returning to Japan, I had my first regular appearance in a drama through a work entitled Kao Dake Sensei, and it reinforced my desire to challenge different roles and activities.

I was really looking for the right time to graduate and was thinking hard about missed opportunities or if there was anything I hadn’t done as an idol and anything I really wanted to do while there.

After a discussion with staff and members about when fans can understand and accept my decision, we agreed to graduate in 2023.


(Photo: NakoInstagram)

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However, Yabuki Nako comforted Korean fans to see her again as she thought she also wanted to debut as a K-drama actress. She conveyed:

“I want to try to play a role that can destroy my previous image (as an idol). When I heard about filming drama from SF9 Rowoon, who worked with me as MC, I thought I’d try to work for K-Drama one day.”

Korean dramas that impressed Nako included It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and Business Proposal.


(Photo: Instagram: @75_yabuki)

Nako explained that It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is impressive and the ending to the story is beautiful, especially the message that it’s okay to be different from other people.

The “Fiesta” singer also adored Kim Sejeong’s “Business Proposal,” as Nako was not only a fan of the actress-turned-idol, but also fell in love with her OST. Like her fans, Nako added:

“I really want to see a sequel.”

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