Everyone deserves the best products from The Body Shop

Everyone deserves the best products from The Body Shop

Unknowingly, the art of gift giving is something that has become a part of our culture, especially during special occasions, Mother’s Day is no exception. Not to mention, we will soon be celebrating Christmas and New Years. Wow, so it’s time to exchange gifts.

So, the Indonesian Body Shop is here and it is participating in the presence of tea a good free future which promotes the art of giving gifts through a campaign, that is, everyone who deserves to give a gift.

In this campaign, you are invited to find inspiration for the best gifts featuring the best Body Shop products from head to toe presented in attractive packaging and made from sustainable materials.

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All Pantas Dikadoin comes with a variety of options hampers and the option to create your own gift. Through this campaign, The Body Shop wants to offer a variety of gifts, from affordable to premium gift options.

There are over 99 networks to choose from gifts from the Body Shop that can be a choice for special gifts this year with prices starting from Rp. 99,000 to 1.2 million. In addition, The Body Shop will also be holding its End of Year Sale from 21 December to 8 January 2023 with discounts of up to 70%.

Including orangutans, they all deserve Best Body Shop ProductsPopbela.com/Body Shop

Due to its commitment to protecting the environment and focusing on sustainability, all packaging from The Body Shop uses environmentally friendly materials. The shape and design are also very well made, so it does not lose its beauty value.

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Additionally, this packaging can be reused for other needs to be more environmentally friendly. The Body Shop also has a plan Send Free where do we order grant from the store and send it anywhere in Indonesia. Prize winners can also choose to collect the prize directly at the store nearest to their city, or have it delivered directly to their home.

Including orangutans, they all deserve Best Body Shop ProductsPopbela.com/Shavira

The art of giving gifts cannot be shared with others by means of everything that is worthy of Dikadoin and the value added in the Physical Store. This time, The Body Shop wants to support the movement to do good to protect the Tapanuli Orangutan habitat in the Batang Toru Forest by making a donation from every product or gift we buy.

“Finally, the campaign for everyone who deserves Dikadoin makes perfect sense. In addition to giving thanks to ourselves and our loved ones, this gift also goes hand in hand with the conservation efforts of the Tapanuli Orangutan. Everything worth giving as a gift is a form of gratitude to ourselves, to other people, and to the whole world. “ Muhlis Iswanto, GM of Store Business at The Body Shop Indonesia.

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