Eurovision 2023: 5 things to know about La Zarra

Eurovision 2023: 5 things to know about La Zarra

Singer La Zarra will represent France at the 67th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, England this year. Do you know this young artist with a promising career?

A secret private life

The 35-year-old young woman leaves a real mystery hanging over her life outside of music… This decision to uncover nothing (or almost) is justified by her desire to make herself known through her music before making a name for herself on what she is as a woman. The only details from her life that have been leaked against her will are her name Fatima Zahra, revealing her Moroccan origins and that she was born in Montreal, Canada. Perhaps she will reveal memories of her childhood and more intimate details once her fame is recognized…

The singer’s first steps

In 2016, La Zarra recorded his first title: ” white spring with stainless steel This collaboration will allow her to make herself known, because the sound she revisits in 2021 is a real success! After this stepping stone to notoriety, the artist reveals the song: ” Ammonia/My God “. This rousing melody confirms his unique style and his love for French music. It handles the language of Molière in an elegant and strong rap, with an Edith Piaf intonation, great inspiration of La Zarra.

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After the singles the album!

La Zarra will release his first album titled “ Treason “. The 14 phantasmagorical tracks met with an instant hit with audiences. Not wanting to reveal anything about her private life, she reveals that this album has opened her up about her feelings and her intimacy. This album co-written with Benny Adam , invites many other talented musicians to participate, such as Fred Lafarge or Banx & Ranx.

Collaboration with the famous Slimane

After his first album, La Zarra will release a new single in 2022 with the sad name ” Without me “. Also last year, she appeared on Slimane’s third album entitled ” Chronicles of a Cupid “. The two artists are working together on the title ” The Lovers of the Hill », which they composed together. The musical encounter between the two singers increases the popularity of the young Canadian singer, who is even more propelled onto the stage!

Next challenge: Eurovision

This year La Zarra represents France in the famous Eurovision competition, a program that music lovers should never miss! We all hope that the Quebec singer will rise higher than her predecessors Alvan & Ahez, who hit a sad No. 24 in 2022. It is with her title ” Apparently ‘, the beginnings of which were revealed in early 2023 to be moving into the competitive phase. France has not won first place at the Eurovision Song Contest since 1977… A glimmer of hope then appears for this sensational young artist, winner of the 2022 Discovery Prize, who is fully confident in singing in French despite international competition finds in Liverpool instead.

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