Eunchae de LE SSERAFIM gets nervous talking to Q de THE BOYZ • Kpopnews

Eunchae de LE SSERAFIM gets nervous talking to Q de THE BOYZ • Kpopnews

This was announced in early February 2023 THE SERAFIMIt is you would be one of the new MCs for KBSIt is The Music Bank.

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As part of her MC duties, Eunchae was given her own variety show, Eunchae Star Diary! In each episode, Eunchae will interview various guests who will be appearing on the show.


In the prologue episode, Eunchae is interviewed by the staff and expresses her enthusiasm for the show.

She also shares that the other members of LE SSERAFIM have given her nicknames based on her new title, including Yunjin I wanted her to be “the nation’s little sister” and chaewon I want her to be known as “Everyone’s MC”.

This preview episode also gave fans a preview of the first episode to be watched THE YOUNG.


In the final clip, Eunchae goes into THE BOYZ’s dressing room and tells them that she thinks she saw the group at the beauty salon where the idols get ready before events such as music shows.

Hilarious, Q says they didn’t go to the beauty salon, which made Eunchae mad. The other members of THE BOYZ start making noise, further angering Eunchae, who runs from the room.

Fans loved this cute prequel and can’t wait to see the full video!

Check out the full preview below!

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