Epinay-sur-Seine: The mayor refuses to celebrate a wedding

Epinay-sur-Seine: The mayor refuses to celebrate a wedding

Hervé Chevreau, mayor of Epinay-sur-Seine, refused to celebrate this Saturday, January 28, a wedding whose convoy degenerated. Two people unknown to the police were arrested.

A holiday that turns into a disaster. In the middle of the afternoon, this Saturday, January 28, a wedding normally planned in Epinay-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis) was canceled by the mayor after the procession upstream caused flooding.

This Saturday at the end of the morning, a wedding procession in the streets of Epinay sur Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis) on the fringes of the event caused “several riots”, according to the municipality. The police found mortar fire, several traffic violations and an urban rodeo near the party location.

Motorists attacked on the fringes of the wedding

This Saturday, around 12.40 p.m., a motorist was the victim of an attack by several members of the procession. He would have liked to drive across a road blocked by a motorcade before accidentally releasing the brake and crashing into it.

According to a source close to the CNEWS filing, the driver of the damaged car would then have climbed onto the motorist’s at the origin of the incident before jumping onto his windshield and then breaking his two mirrors. He then got out of his vehicle before being violently attacked by members of the procession in front of his five-year-old daughter, who was in the car.

The man, injured in the head and abdomen, was transported to the Delafontaine Hospital in Saint-Denis. According to our information, he declined to contact the medical units of the judiciary to allow an assessment of the damage in ITT. On the other hand, he filed a complaint after his hospitalization and was able to return to work on Monday.

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Arrested after the crime, the two alleged perpetrators, aged around twenty years, were not known to the police before their arrest in this case.

Avoid the proliferation of urban rodeos

The mayor of the city, Hervé Chevreau, held the future spouses responsible for the behavior of their guests, especially since the city has a “Charter of Good Behavior” which reminds that the procession must of course respect the rules of the road.

According to our information, Hervé Chevreau decided not to celebrate the unification for fear that the city rodeo held in his city could spill over into neighboring cities. In fact, the newlyweds planned to celebrate in a neighboring town at the end of the wedding, which was to be celebrated in Épinay-sur-Seine.