Enjoy an Indonesian Cultural Experience at the ST Regis Jakarta

Enjoy an Indonesian Cultural Experience at the ST Regis Jakarta

This 17-story hotel has a concept created by Alexandra Champalimaud, an award-winning designer. The storms of Jakarta and Surabaya combined with the sounds of the traditional markets of Yogyakarta, the birds chirping in the forests of Sulawesi, the waves in Sumba and the singing of rice in the Balinese rice fields, combined to create the essence that created a new light for St. . Register Jakarta

Upon arrival there will be live lights that match the surroundings in Indonesian songs. Not only that, the chandelier in the living room is inspired by the beautiful mountains on the island of Java to describe the beauty of Indonesia.

When exploring every corner of the hotel, guests will find beautiful batik items that decorate the hotel. One of them is a gilt stamp set in the guest room, made of brass with a batik pattern that adorns the wall. There is also a machete carved beautifully on the wall of the Staircase Bar at ST Regis Jakarta.

Upon entering the ST Regis Bar, Fimela’s friends will find a mural of Indonesian artist Eddy Susanto. This painting shows the history of the evolution of music in Indonesia between Jazz and Art which combines rhythm, energy, and passion. The beauty of this painting is also inspired by the text of the Book of Wedhatama which describes poems and essays from Javanese traditional to modern times.

ST Regis Jakarta was not only created as a temporary healing place from the chaos of the big city, but as a hotel that offers the beauty of nature and Indonesian culture through its views and interiors.

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Author: Angela Marici

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