ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki receives praise for taking care of Sunoo amid crowds of fans

ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki receives praise for taking care of Sunoo amid crowds of fans

ENHYPEN caught the eye while walking to Prada’s Fall/Winter 23 menswear fashion show.

ENHYPEN's Ni-Ki gets credit for taking care of Sunoo amid a crowd of fans

Of course, a huge crowd came hoping to see the boys. Ni-Ki has garnered attention with her supermodel looks, but also with her gentlemanly attitude.

Throughout the event, he didn’t hesitate to step in where he was needed, be it to translate for the Japanese actor and model Kentaro Sakaguchi…

Or for his incredibly polite manners. In the company of Miuccia Prada, he made respectful gestures towards her.

In addition, he took care of the other members throughout the event.

Outside of the event, Ni-Ki also pointed out that he was taking care of Sunoo in a crowded airport when many fans came hoping to see the group.

Fan footage showed that in all the chaos, security even lost track of Jake for a while.

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Due to the pressure of the many people, Sunoo was almost completely stuck, unable to move forward. Luckily, Ni-Ki made sure Sunoo went to the safety of their circle before him, where they were protected by the security guards.

After seeing this, many fans asked those present to respect the space of ENHYPEN members and the agency to ensure their safety.

Although nobody was injured this time, we hope that the boys’ place will be better respected in the future.