ENHYPEN’s Jay apologizes for second time for comments on Korean story Soompi

ENHYPEN’s Jay apologizes for second time for comments on Korean story Soompi

Jay apologized again.

ENHYPEN’s Jay and Sunhoon recently performed live in front of their fans to chat, a moment where Sunhoon confessed: “I’m very interested in Korean history right now. »

Then Jay replied: “I prefer world history. I learned enough Korean history in school and I don’t think there is much. By only studying for a few weeks, we were done very quickly. It feels like Korea has a bit of history. »

As a result, Jay was criticized in South Korea, many Koreans regretted his words about the country’s history and the fact that his lyrics could lead his fans around the world to believe that Korea is not a history, which is wrong.

Jay then apologized for the first time with a message in which he mainly expressed his regret that his words may have been misunderstood.

However, his apology did not calm the controversy, especially as the Chinese media used Jay’s words to promote the idea that Korea has no history, citing that even the Korean idols were not shy about saying so publicly.

In this climate and while in Rome for a fashion show with ENHYPEN, Jay wrote another apology letter, this time longer.

In this letter we can read:

“Hello, this is Jay from ENHYPEN.

I’m writing this because I want to once again offer my deepest apologies for using the wrong language and misrepresenting our nation’s history during our Weverse Live on January 10th.

My apologies that, without knowing enough about our nation’s deep history, I misrepresented it due to my lack of vocabulary. At the time of the live broadcast, I was only expressing my thoughts on Korean history based on the limited material I had encountered, not realizing that I could be conveying the wrong message. Although the member who accompanied me tried to solve this problem, I was too careless to realize it.

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Also, my choice of words in my earlier apology was grossly inadequate. I should have been more careful about what to say and I apologize for that too. Using the wrong terms and misrepresenting our nation’s long history when I don’t even have the vocabulary to properly express my feelings of apology was thoughtless behavior truly.

After the Weverse live and my previous post, I realized how bad my mistake was reading the words of ENGENEs and many people and my heart ached. I sensed how my mistake could become a big problem and I thought about my mistake. However, I also felt that this was not an issue that could be resolved solely by reflecting on me, and to rectify something that started with my words, I felt I had a proper acknowledgment of my wrongdoing and once again apologize had to. I figured there shouldn’t be any error in my wording in this apology, so I thought about it and posted it a bit late.

I’m still thinking and wondering what to do to avoid repeating such mistakes. I believe that the ideas I have thought of so far still have flaws. I will think about it more deeply and I always want to show you my efforts through actions rather than words. In the future I will strive to become an attentive person who listens to what many people have to say.

Because it seems that I have caused a lot of damage to our group with my bad way of expressing myself, I am sincerely sorry for the members of ENHYPEN and the ENGENEs who love us. I will strive not just to put it into words, but to actually become a better person and stand in front of the ENGENEs. »

Source: ytn

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