ENHYPEN’s Jay apologizes after commenting on Korean story Soompi

ENHYPEN’s Jay apologizes after commenting on Korean story Soompi

Jay apologized.

ENHYPEN’s Jay and Sunhoon recently performed live in front of their fans to chat, a moment where Sunhoon confessed: “I’m very interested in Korean history right now. »

Then Jay replied: “I prefer world history. I learned enough Korean history in school and I don’t think there is much. By only studying for a few weeks, we were done very quickly. It feels like Korea has a bit of history. »

As a result, Jay was criticized in South Korea, many Koreans regretted his words about the country’s history and the fact that his lyrics could lead his fans around the world to believe that Korea is not a history, which is wrong.

He then apologized and explained:

” Hello. This is Jay from ENHYPEN.

After finishing Weverse Live today, I was very surprised to see the reaction from the fans.

Whatever the reason, I sincerely apologize to ENGENEs for any inconvenience and inconvenience I may have caused.

I have spoken too negatively about the important subject of Korean history just based on my own personal impression. This is not a subject I should have spoken lightly for lack of knowledge. Today has become an opportunity for me to realize once again that I still have a lot to learn.

I had absolutely no intention of disregarding our proud history, but I recognize that my words may have made others feel that way, and it was my fault. I apologize.

In the future I will pay more attention and study more to become an artist that ENGENEs are not ashamed of.

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I always learn so much from you all. Many Thanks. »

Source: osen