English dub ‘The Glory’ draws attention for its ‘konglish’ moment

English dub ‘The Glory’ draws attention for its ‘konglish’ moment

Fame is part of Netflixthe most successful K-Drama Originals to date. Due to the worldwide attention, the drama was not only subtitled in different languages, but also dubbed.

Most English dubs for Korean dramas sound rather clunky. Rather than the script not being translated well, the voice-overs sometimes lack the necessary acting tone and are less satisfactorily worded than the original. Check out the English dub Squid Game under.


On the other hand, the English dub of The Glory is going viral among Koreans because of the “konglish” moment, which only makes the dub sound more natural. A tweet comparing the Japanese and English dubs quickly went viral with over 2 million views.

The Japanese dub only refers to Yeonjin as “Yonjin», staying with the pure name. The English dub released a “Yeonjin-ah” at the end. Since English usually doesn’t have the “-Ah” Being Korean, many were surprised when it showed up. Some wondered if they hired a Korean-American to do the voice acting. The natural pronunciation also impressed many.

| Leko

  • “Wow, the American version of Yeonjin and Yeonjin-ah is totally natural.”
  • “Wow, what’s up with the American dubbing???”
  • “Wow, LOL not bad.”
  • “Wow, whoever dubbed the English version did a really good job.”
  • “The English version is crazy LOL I thought Song Hye Kyo recorded it.”
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The original Korean scene can be viewed below. Here, Moon Dong Eun Park sarcastically congratulates Yeon Jin with a “Fight, Park Yeon Jin! To cheer! You are so amazing Yeonjin-ah!