Energy Crisis: This zoo is seeing an increase in reptile abandonment

Energy Crisis: This zoo is seeing an increase in reptile abandonment

In Belgium, the Pairi Daiza Zoological Park recorded an increase in the abandonment of reptiles and amphibians. The energy crisis is summoned by the owners of these animals.

The increase in energy costs, in turn, also affects pets. This Monday, January 16th, the Belgian Zoological Park of Pairi Daiza warned of the increasing number of releases of reptiles and amphibians. These animals need gadgets like pumps and heat lamps, and their owners justify their decision with the energy crisis.

On Facebook, the park said it collected 741 reptiles and amphibians in 2022, compared to 623 the year before. These animals were “abandoned by their owners or confiscated by the authorities”. They were housed in the refuge of the Pairi Daiza Foundation, which set “a sad record”.

“The energy crisis was the number one reason given by owners who wanted to entrust their turtles to the sanctuary,” the zoo team said. Many of them do not measure the very specific needs related to the daily life of these species. Pumps, heat lamps, feed, veterinary care…”.

While the foundation’s shelter can provide “a peaceful retreat” for these reptiles and amphibians, the zoo insists that fewer animals will be entrusted in the future.

“For your own well-being and yours, think twice before getting a turtle, a lizard, a snake…” recommended the Pairi Daiza Zoological Park. In the face of this influx of abandonments, his team warns, “Obtaining such an animal comes with great responsibility.”

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