End of an era? ARMYs are telling others to stop with “Yoongi, marry me,” but BTS’ Suga might feel differently

End of an era? ARMYs are telling others to stop with “Yoongi, marry me,” but BTS’ Suga might feel differently

It’s the end of an era.

“Yoongi, marry me” is an iconic and recurring meme joke in the K-pop community, particularly the bts Fandom, ARMY, for a few years.

For a time, BTS members read ARMYs’ comments out loud SugaSaying, “Yoongi, marry me” whether he is present at the live broadcast or not.

Left to right: RM, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, Jin, Jimin and Suga | BTS/VLIVE

It quickly became a meme. Some even commented on the news on other artists’ live broadcasts and took signs to read. “Yoongi, marry me” to events.

“Yoongi, marry me?” BTS’ Suga Apparently Responds to Iconic Meme at ‘Devil’s Deal’ VIP Premiere

ARMYs also theorized where the meme really came from. Kudos to Suga himself…

“Yoongi, Marry Me” had become so popular that many ARMYs even joked that if their performance was right for them, they would wear wedding dresses. SÜGA | TOUR D’AGUST “T-DAY”.

But like any joke, it can become stale.

Recently both rm etc v called out commentators on their live broadcasts for grumpy and unoriginal comments.

In the same way, Jungkook decided to stop reading comments during his last live broadcast.

ARMYs suspect that one of the reasons for members’ sudden disdain for comments is spam comments, such as: “Yoongi, marry me.”

So some encouraged their ARMY colleagues to give the joke a break. Others have even suggested Weber and direct needs moderators to sort out spam and inappropriate comments so members don’t have to see them.

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Some ARMYs took matters into their own hands and reported “Yoongi, marry me” causing him to disappear from the comments of members’ recent live broadcasts.


Thanks for the tip😭😭 I feel like a proud mom y’all are changing slowly #agustd #yoongi #bts #haegum #jimin #namjoon #jin #taehyung #jungkook #jhope #hoseok

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Likewise, viewers were advised to replace their “Yoongi, marry me” signs with meaningful messages for Suga, given how personal his discography is.

Despite all these efforts to retract “Yoongi, marry me”, does the man in question actually despise him? But on the contrary.

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In addition to responding kindly to the meme on multiple occasions, Suga recently revealed that he appreciates “Yoongi, marry me.” While apple music presents, he was asked what his “Favorite or most memorable nickname” for he himself was given to him by ARMY. Instead of choosing a nickname, he mentioned: “Yoongi, marry me.”

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BTS’ Suga might actually be the one saying “Yoongi, Marry Me?”