Elderly people: the solution for domestic help

Elderly people: the solution for domestic help

Over time, older people can become less independent and have difficulty completing everyday tasks. Once these signs of aging are noticed, the necessary strategies must be implemented to facilitate home care. Finding domestic help is one of the most practical solutions to achieve this. In order to choose the appropriate care services for your elderly loved one, you need to consider their needs. Find out here how you can improve your quality of life thanks to domestic help.

How do you assess the needs of your elderly loved one?

To help your elder, you must Consider their needs. If you live with it, you can easily see the difficulties. If not, the best way to find out why they want support is to talk to them about it. Ask him what daily tasks he finds difficult to complete on his own. Can he clean his house? can he cook Does he have trouble getting out of bed or going to bed? Does he need more help with care or with taking medication?

These are some questions that can help you assess the needs of your elderly loved one and offer something to them appropriate domestic help. In general, you need to consider his health, physical and mental abilities. To do this, evaluate his autonomy, as well as the care he wants to receive. In most cases, seniors require social, intellectual, motor, and sensory activities. Some have difficulty dressing, moving, eating, or washing.

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Others have cognitive problems or suffer from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Anyone who has a pet may also want to get help with better care. Each case is different. That’s why you need to determine the real needs of your elderly loved one before hiring domestic help offer tailor-made solutions. If necessary, consult a doctor to get a clear assessment of his physical and mental condition.

Identify security issues that need to be addressed at home

Elderly people are vulnerable and at risk of falling in their homes. To facilitate their mobility, it is necessary solve security problems what your home offers. Depending on the case, certain equipment must be installed and some work carried out. Depending on the characteristics of the house, it may make sense to rearrange the spaces to facilitate the movement of your loved ones.

You must be careful to clear all obstacles that could cause the crash. For example, if there is a raised area in the living room, you can remove the level offset reduce the risk of falls. You can also enlarge the doors for easier passage. Also, be sure to provide his shower or bath with a non-slip bath mat to provide him with a safe environment.

If the flooring is tile and slippery, you can consider replacing it. You can also place rugs and non-slip mats in strategic places to limit the risk of falls. As the seniors’ vigilance drops, you should definitely do the same Install security systems such as:

  • Smoke detector,
  • security alarms,
  • carbon monoxide detector.

Also pay special attention to the lighting in the house. If it’s not optimal, make sure it is Add lightsand in particular the automatic lighting.

Find local home help services

There are various home support services for the elderly. Depending on the needs of your loved one, choose the appropriate services. Then contact us professionals who specialize in it Help for seniors. Services offered by these specialists include:

  • Housekeeper,
  • food help,
  • home support after a hospital stay,
  • home care,
  • housekeeping help,
  • remote support,
  • food delivery,
  • Accompaniment from home to the train or station.
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Be sure to ask professionals on site to ensure a quick response. You must be close to the beneficiary, be available and show flexibility. In order to make the right choice, find out about the offers of the service provider. Make sure the latter covers the benefits that suit your senior’s needs. Do not hesitate to read the opinions of its customers to get an idea of ​​the quality of its services.

Also make sure this is the case Choose a trusted professional possessing qualities of patience, listening, empathy, kindness, integrity and professionalism. He must also have strong communication skills and know how to do well what is asked of him. The ideal would be to only take advantage of a reputable company offer qualified and competent supervisors.

How do you work with your home care provider?

For a coherent cooperation, a good discussion with the specialist is required Providers of home care services. He must know exactly the tasks for which he is responsible and be aware of his responsibility towards the manager. Set a clear care schedule and work days together to avoid misunderstandings. It must cover the specific needs of the person to be supported.

Also, make sure that your elderly loved one feels comfortable with this caregiver. It is also important that you are open to comments or suggestions from the latter. Depending on your loved one’s health condition, he or she may be able to give you helpful advice on how to improve their quality of life and well-being.

Equip the home with the devices needed to maintain mobility

Seniors need a framework that is adapted to their illness. In order to facilitate and maintain your loved one’s mobility at home, you must ensure that they are equipped with the necessary devices. For’optimize security It offers the possibility of installing ramps and handrails for stairs so that seniors can move in a relaxed manner.

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It is also common for older people to fall in the shower. If your loved one’s home does not have the necessary security equipment, you should consider installing one. These are mainly handles. They allow him to lean on it when entering and exiting the bath or shower. On the other hand, if your loved one has difficulty walking alone, Equip your home with a rollator to facilitate its mobility. Also, consider installing an access ramp to prevent falls and facilitate wheelchair mobility.

Maintain communication between family and home care service

When a caregiver intervenes in an elderly relative’s home, it is important to maintain good communication with them. This is an effective way to ensure everyone is on the same page and your senior’s needs are being met. Communicate regularly with the provider tells them that there is a follow-up. It is also a way of showing the person cared for that the family will not let them down. You will feel well surrounded even if you do not live in the same city. This is also an opportunity to share with the provider your concerns or questions about the services provided and the health of your loved ones. These are some tips to improve the quality of life of an aging parent.