EDC Paris Business School: New Horizons 2027

EDC Paris Business School: New Horizons 2027

After Wednesday February 15’s press conference, here are the new horizons of EDC, a resolutely modern business school

What is EDC Business School?

In recent years, EDC Business School is a school that has managed to combine development and increased recognition. In 4 years, the school has managed to climb firmly into the top 6 of the Grandes Ecoles after high school. It has a master’s degree from the Grande Ecole and a portfolio of 12 programs. entrepreneurship (3 programs dedicated to entrepreneurship including 2 MSc CGE), business development (3 programs 100% dedicated to business development including 1 MSc CGE) as well as luxury management (3 MSc awarded by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles) are the school’s priorities. The EDC Business School positions itself primarily in these three areas, in a sustainable perspective.

The school is part of resolutely contemporary values ​​such as soft skills, which are at the heart of its development. The choice is attractive, the school currently has 6 locations: 3 in Paris in completely new and equipped premises, a campus in Rabat, another in Barcelona and finally a last one in Lausanne. EDC Paris Business School has increased its influence and ability for international projection, now 50% of the students are international and the school has more than 115 international partnerships. In addition, it has been recently a partnership with Babson Universityleader in entrepreneurship and leadership.

William Hurst, Managing Director of EDC Group

Club life and the incubator

One of the secrets of EDC Business School is probably its very strong community life. This is confirmed by the alumni present at the open day last May. What do you remember best from your years at EDC? Everyone answers without hesitation: their investment in associations. These clubs are popular with students and play a more important role than meets the eye. This is called the ” Learning by doing “students begin to manage budgets and develop real small businesses in complete autonomy.

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Secondly, The established incubator plays an important role within the school. In fact, there are no fewer than 60 projects being incubated with a seed fund of +€500,000 created with the alumni association. It is the network of former alumni that finances all these entrepreneurial projects, one could quote Jean Todt, a doctorate student in 1967 and now President of the International Automobile Federation.

The new horizons 2027

Now the EDC Business School, which has been in existence for over 70 years, wants to become more and more innovative. For the 2027 horizon, it will continue their growth momentum while further strengthening their scientific excellence. One of the great novelties is the Creation of a new campus in Egypt, quite an innovative choice. This desire to start anew in Africa is explained by a population that is 75% under 30 years old, a country where there are few French schools and where French culture is very much appreciated. The axis of development in Egypt will be the Master of Sciences. Finally, EDC Paris Business School expects more than 2,800 new postgraduate students by 2027.

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