Eating indiscriminately by Rome’s Ancient Fountains, American Tourists Fined

Eating indiscriminately by Rome’s Ancient Fountains, American Tourists Fined

One person tourism Fined US (USA) 450 Euros or about Rp. 6.7 million due to eating and drinking while living near a water body in the city. RomeItaly.

The city government of Rome deliberately made some laws designed to keep the city in order and awake, due to the nature of tourism or the number of tourists who came to the city.

As reported CNNAccording to the local police, this male tourist chose to sit by the Fontana (fountain) dei Catecumeni to have a snack around 01.00 local time.

The police immediately went to the 55-year-old man and warned him about the city’s laws to protect the cleanliness and beauty of the prey.

The Fontana dei Catecumeni was built in 1588-89 by the architect and sculptor Giacomo della Porta and restored in 1997. The fountain is protected by a structure first introduced in the 1970s.

The aim is to protect the ancient sites in the City Rome such as historical sources, statues, and other monuments. This law was updated in 2019, with additional warnings for tourists to protect the environment and be polite in historical places.

A tourist refreshes herself at a nasone fountain in Piazza Campo de Fiori in central Rome on August 11, 2019. - According to the weather forecast, hot air from North Africa will affect the center and southern Italy with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius.  (Photo by Filippo MONTEFORTE / AFP)Nasone” Eternal Water Faucet in Rome, Italy. (Photo: AFP/FILIPPO MONTEFORTE)

Last weekend, in order to implement the law, the police conducted more than 300 investigations, after patrolling the streets. These rules also include banning drinking on the street, limiting the volume of bar music, regulating activities in bars, and banning swimming in fountains.

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Police officers can impose fines and even ban the violator from entering certain areas for up to 48 hours. If there are frequent violations, it can be suspended for up to 60 days.

The city council has issued good regulations to deal with many aspects of life in the city of Rome. This is also a form of special care to respect the art and culture of the capital city.

Many events that happened in the city of Rome recently affected foreign tourists. In the past, there were Saudi tourists who left their Maserati rental cars in the famous Spanish Steps area of ​​Rome. Then there were two American tourists who destroyed the stairs with their electric scooter.


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