Eating Habits of Queen Elizabeth II

Eating Habits of Queen Elizabeth II

One of the memories of the late Queen Elizabeth II is custom special food.

He didn’t let his food menu be ‘contaminated’ with garlic, he still ‘cuts’ and eats bananas with a knife and fork.

When it comes to dining, the Queen is known to be strict at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. The Queen wanted a simple English menu with a fixed meal schedule and a menu written in French.

The following is a list of Queen Elizabeth II’s eating habits that you should know about.

1. Don’t Eat Garlic

The British royal family is known not to be a fan of garlic, and neither is the Queen. He is known to dislike the taste of garlic. Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker Bowles confirmed this.

As quoted by Hello Magazine, during his appearance on MasterChef Australia, he was asked if he had anything to do with royal courtship. He agreed jokingly and said “You should keep the garlic aside”.

2. Eat fruit cut from the lunch box

Do royals always eat with clay plates and gold spoons? The answer is not always. Queen Elizabeth II likes to eat cut fruit but does not use expensive plates.

Former head of the royal family Darren McGrady said the Queen ate cut fruit using a lunch box at Balmoral.

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3. Slipping on alcohol day and night

Margaret Rhodes, the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, once said that the Queen drinks alcohol regularly. As reported by The Independent, the Queen drank gin and Dubonnet (a wine drink with a hint of spice) before dinner with lemon and ice. Then in the evening, he will enjoy a dry martini and a glass of champagne.

But in October 2021, doctors suggested to stop this habit and replace it with water and fruit juice.

A source told Vanity Fair that “she has run out of alcohol and her doctors are looking to make sure she is healthy and safe.”

4. Eating bananas with a knife and fork

How to eat bananas? Of course with hands I start with peeling skin. But for the Queen, eating bananas requires the use of a knife and fork.

It is known that Queen Elizabeth II will cut from the tip to the base before cutting it into smaller sizes. This is known to be part of the royal diet.

5. Always late for dinner

The eating schedule of the British royal family is very strict and regulated. Dinner usually starts at 08.15 pm. However, Queen Elizabeth II was always late for dinner so the dinner was moved to 8:30pm.

However, the waiter still said that dinner starts at 08.15.


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