Easy Ways to Wash Silk Clothes

Easy Ways to Wash Silk Clothes

Having a soft texture, washing clothes made of silk cannot be compared to other clothes. Need special tips and tricks to care for color and soft silk fabric. Like the choice of soap and the temperature at which it is scrubbed, it can affect the final result when the silk garment is ready to wear. Don’t want your silk clothes to get ruined because of a mistake when you wash them? Come, follow the tips that Popbela summarizes below when washing silk clothes. Keep scrollingAlas!

1. It is better to wash silk clothes by hand

Easy Ways to Wash Silk Clothes

When you are going to wash clothes made of silk, you can use hands which are considered better than washing machine. You can control the pressure better when washing so that it will make silk clothes less damaged. After filling the bathtub with cold water, you can use a mild soap so that the color of the silk shirt remains bright.

2. After washing, avoid pressing the silk cloth to dry

Easy Ways to Wash Silk Clothes

Tips, do not soak clothes made of silk in detergent. You can immediately wash silk clothes gently for 2-3 minutes, then rinse without pressure. Instead of drying clothes, pressing the silk cloth will damage the fabric, which will make it weak to return to its original state. Better yet, stretch it out until the water falls on its own.

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3. Drying silk clothes, just let them air dry without exposing them to direct sunlight

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Next, you can dry the silk clothes directly to dry. Eits, avoid drying silk clothes in direct sunlight, Bela. Just hang with it hanging in a shady or airy place to dry. Let the silk shirt dry naturally.

4. Iron gently

Easy Ways to Wash Silk Clothes

It’s completely dry, it’s time to wring out the silk cloth to remove any residue. Select the lowest temperature on the iron, then gently start the ironing. If you want to fix your clothes, you can cover a silk shirt with a newspaper, and then spray the perfume. This is done so as not to damage the color of silk clothes. It’s easy, right?

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