Eastern Plain: Pierre Leccia returns with a new series starring Lina El Arabi

Eastern Plain: Pierre Leccia returns with a new series starring Lina El Arabi

The excellent Pierre Leccia has signed a new series for Canal+, Plaine Orientale, which will start shooting shortly and which will notably be borne by the excellent Lina El Arabi.

After relaunching his thrillers with the novelty BRI (Away transmission) Canal+ also renews the series Corsican Mafia entrusting it to one of the brilliant authors and directors mafia, Pierre Leccia. As in the latter, it is a new face-to-face fratricide played on the island of beauty between Reda and Ines, played by Raphaël Acloque and Lina El Arabi. In addition, we also find Veerle Baetens, Antonia Desplat, Aurélien Gabrielli, Cédric Appietto, Henri-Noël Tabary, Eric Fraticelli, Julie Ledru, Denis Pierinelli, Véronique Volta… And to top it off, it’s Pierre Gambini, author of the remarkable soundtrack of Mafiosa, who will sign the soundtrack of this new original creation.

When Reda gets out of prison, he hopes to reconnect with his former accomplice, who has since become Carlotti’s deputy, the godfather who rules over the north of the island. Struggling to find his place in this vastly changed world of thugs, Reda quickly understands that he will not be accepted by the Eastern Plains gang.
At the same time, his half-sister Ines, whom he has lost sight of since childhood, arrives in Bastia. Today it is a young judge who integrates the first anti-mafia pole formed by the police and the local judiciary. Determined to bring down the godfather Carlotti, she offers Reda a secret alliance. Then a high-risk pact is signed between the two…

Canal+ is making a very strong comeback in the game of series, announcing projects of a certain strength that we are already looking forward to discovering, such as: The Guardians or Fever. First of all, it testifies to the desire to return to the effervescence of the first series of the channel, and we can only rejoice in that.

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