Eagle-Eyed ARMYs reveal clues to BTS V’s ‘Mystery Project’ from behind-the-scenes photos

Eagle-Eyed ARMYs reveal clues to BTS V’s ‘Mystery Project’ from behind-the-scenes photos

ARMYs never know what to expect btsIt is vIt seems he has another epic project up his sleeve.

V for BTS | @thv/Instagram

V has been keeping his eyes peeled for his next move after surprising ARMY with several unexpected plans over the past few months. Whether on red carpets at film premieres, filming for Jinny’s kitchen (Also known as by Seojin) releasing a jazz version of “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” and being named the new ambassador of SimInvest and subsequently announced an upcoming solo fan meetup, V got busy.

BTS’s V at the VIP premiere of the film “Broker”

V has also shown her sophisticated and elegant fashion and affinity for vintage clothing on numerous occasions, surprising ARMYs with her unique style.

V transports ARMY into the 19th century with his solo photo folio, Me, Me and V ‘Nice Days’ and again in more recent images uploaded to his personal Instagram.

A photo from the BTS V “Veautiful Days” | Me, Myself, and V photo album GOOD MUSIC

With no further context, all that was left was an emoji caption, “🥸”, ARMY, to piece the puzzle together and figure out what the mysterious photos could be used for.

V’s Latest Instagram Photos | @thv/Instagram

In some photos, V appears to be on a large property in the French countryside.

She redresses in 18th-century fashion, but this time in casual wear, which she has always effortlessly elevated with her model pictures.

| @thv/Instagram

In additional photos, V is surrounded by crew members, and many believe the photos were taken on the set of a new “mysterious project.”

Curious and eager to learn more, ARMY dove into detective mode to see what clues V could be secretly giving fans.

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| @thv/Instagram

| @thv/Instagram

Among the photos posted, one in particular caught ARMY’s attention. In it, BTS’ V sits in a theater seat, and that’s all it took the investigating ARMY to solve a mysterious piece of the puzzle.

| @thv/Instagram

ARMY identified the theater’s headquarters as the property of the Montansier Theater in Versailles, France.

The theater opened in 1777 and was attended by French historical figures, the last king and queen of France, King Louis XVI. and visited Marie Antoinette.

Its incredible story and extravagant design make the mysterious project even more anticipated and perfect for V.

Many noted that V posted a photo from the roof of the Montansier Theater last year, showing that the project had been in the works for quite some time.

Since he recently released his “Mystery Project” photos, I hope he has more to reveal to fans soon!

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