Dunkirk: Major fire in a carpentry

Dunkirk: Major fire in a carpentry

A major fire broke out in a carpentry workshop in Bierne near Dunkirk (North) on Wednesday morning, January 25, without anyone being injured. 60 firefighters were mobilized.

This Wednesday, January 25, at around 4:30 a.m., a major fire broke out in an 8,500 m2 warehouse in Bierne near Dunkirk (North). According to the city’s prefecture and gendarmes, no casualties have been reported. “There is no risk of toxic smoke, wood is being burned,” the city’s sub-prefect Hervé Tourmente told AFP.

Sixty firefighters, equipped with nine lances, were mobilized to fight the fire, which was contained at 8:25 a.m., and to protect the administrative offices and tools of this burnt-out carpentry shop, the prefecture said.

On their Facebook account, the gendarmerie pointed out that school buses could not leave the depot and advised residents to avoid the area.

“Of the 8,500 m2, 6,000 m2 were completely destroyed. Our priority was to save the machine tool with 3 million euros. It’s done,” the commander of the relief operations said in an interview with the “Voice of the North”.

The carpentry management has not yet commented on the economic consequences of this fire.

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