Dungeons & Dragons: The Pervasive Humor In The New Honor Thieves Trailer

Dungeons & Dragons: The Pervasive Humor In The New Honor Thieves Trailer

The franchise of the most famous role-playing games, Dungeons & Dragons, indispensable in the era of triumphant entertainment, has just unveiled a new trailer for its film Honor of Thieves, which hits theaters on April 12th. The humor will be there more than ever.

Sarcasm, irony and discrepancy. Far removed from the seriousness of the flagship fantasy series, from Game of Thrones to Rings of Power via The Witcher, the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor of Thieves movie has found a way from the moment the first sequences were unveiled withdraw by betting a few months ago, on humor. A credo that cannot be denied with this new trailer, which gives us a little more of a glimpse of what awaits the heterogeneous squad of heroes who, like any good adventure team, is made up of character classes emblematic of role-playing games.” (JDR) .

So we find Chris Pine in the skin of the bard Edgin, Michelle Rodriguez in that of the barbarian Holga, Regé-Jean Page as a paladin named Xenk, Justice Smith in the skin of the magician Simon and finally Sophia Lillis in that of a druid named Doric. Little new information about the content of the scenario can be noted in this excerpt, and the cheerful squad, who like to use the right words, must therefore repeatedly flee from the red mages, from whom they have stolen a holy relic. The writers and producers confirm their desire to stick as closely as possible to the mythology of the venerable RPG, as these famous red mages are part of the Forgotten Kingdoms universe (a famous campaign setting for RPG players).

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Lucky for the fans

Despite the abundance of special effects, the whole thing remains coherent and thus corresponds to the vision that the millions of players of the paper version of the role-playing game have known for over forty years. Namely magic, lots of magic, diverse and varied races, monsters that oscillate between frightening and insane, and locations based on medieval towns and their taverns for adventurers, as well as ruins and underworlds of all kinds.

In order to give their film a little more impact, the director duo Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are still betting on the mighty tube of Led Zeppelin, “Whole Lotta love”, ubiquitous since the very first trailer aired. The final result will be in cinemas on April 12th.

And don’t worry fans, the coming months and years are likely to bring a little more – caution oversaturation – the fantasy genre to the screens, since the Paramount+ platform has just ordered a series consisting of eight episodes and also adapted it from the role-playing game. Rawson Marshall Thurber (“Red Notice”) will be behind the wheel with no information released about the scenario.