“Dragon Ball in concert”: We were in the cathedral of Paris

“Dragon Ball in concert”: We were in the cathedral of Paris

Watching a large symphony orchestra perform Dragon Ball’s most beautiful music on stage is a pleasure you can’t refuse. Two cult concerts in the Dôme de Paris.

On January 25th and 26th an extraordinary concert took place in the Dôme de Paris: Dragon Ball in Concert. Modeled after Saint Seiya Symphonic Adventure in the Grand Rex, the Symphony pop orchestra directed by Jordan Gudefin The greatest music from the Dragon Ball saga is played live while the anime highlights follow one another on the screen and the music follows the rhythm of the images. In order to conduct the orchestra as well as possible, its famous conductor, a 35-year-old enthusiast, is equipped with a device that allows him to direct the music to fit the picture. The result is stunning (although sometimes the choice of imagery doesn’t quite add up in relation to a scene – “tragic” music on a notoriously “more positive” scene). Another highlight of the show is the singer’s stage presence Hiroki Takahashi Original singer of dragon ball. He sings his titles, but also those of the series that he has not interpreted (like Dragon Ball great).

Hiroki Takahashi at the Dôme de Paris / Photo: Alexandre Letren

During the 2h15 that the concert lasts, it is necessary to condense in images and music all the “canon” series of the universe, thus recognized by the Creator. Hence the publicly perceived lack of Dragon Ball GT. Not far from 575 episodes thus summarized in 2h15 in which the audience reacts to the songs of Hiroki Takahashi, shy when he comes on stage but who unleashes a crazy energy as soon as the music starts, in total symbiosis with the conductor and his orchestra. But the public also fully lives the big phases of the series: the death of Goku Dragon Ball Z ; regrets during the fight against the warriors of space ” oh no, they skipped the death of picollo » ; Goku’s transformation into a super warrior and Frieza’s defeat; the fight against Cell and Boo. And as an apotheosis, when Goku at the end of the Boo arc asks the denizens of earth to send him their energy by raising their hands to the sky, the whole room does the same in communion with the characters. If the music is listened to almost religiously, its upheavals give the shared moment its full value!

Hiroki Takahashi, Jordan Gudefin and the orchestra on stage / Credit: Alexandre Letren

After these two Paris dates, the concert goes on tour in France before returning to Paris next April for a new date.
Find all the information you need to know about the tour locations and booking on the official DragonBall – G1 website (g1prod.fr)!

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