Double Position Battle Ends, Round 2 Results Announced Kpop News

Double Position Battle Ends, Round 2 Results Announced Kpop News

Mnet’s new idol casting show ‘Boys Planet’ has now released its seventh episode in which contestants complete the ‘Dual Position Battle’ and announce the winners of the second round.

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‘Boys Planet’ Episode 7: Program ends ‘Dual Position Battle’, winners announced

In episode 6 of the survival show, the contestants fought for a second mission called “Dual Position Battle”.

In their second task, the participants slip into two different roles consisting of song and rap, song and dance, or rap and dance. The winning team gets a benefit to play Mnet’s M Countdown.

In the Vocal and Rap category, mission tracks included (G)I-DLE’s “TOMBOY”, INFINITE’s “Man In Love”, BE’O’s “Limousine” and UI’s “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms”.

For singing and dancing, teams have their choice of SEVENTEEN’s “Home”, TWICE’s “Feel Special”, MONSTA X’s “Love Killa” and BTS’s “Butterfly”.

Finally, rap and dance features songs like “ZOOM” by Jessi, “GANG” by H1GHER MUSIC and “LAW” by Yoon Mirae and BIBI.

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The first scenes on “Dual Position Battle” have already been played, including the songs “GANG”, “ZOOM”, “Home” and “Love Killa”.

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Check out the contestants who performed in these songs and won first place:

“CORRIDOR” (Rap/Dance) – Lee Seung Hwan (700 points/1st place), Wang Zi Hao, Han Yu Jin

“ZOOM” (Rap/Dance) – Keita (736 points/1st place), Park Hyun Been, Haruto, Wumuti, Ollie

“A house” (Singing/Dancing) – Yoon Jong Woo (660 points/1st place), Yoo Seung Eon, Jay Ji Yun Seo, Dang Hong Hai

“I love Killa” (Voix/Danse) – Kim Gyu Vin (758 points/1st place), Kim Ji Woong, Seo Won, Seok Matthew

On this mission, BTOB Minhyuk joined the program as the fourth Star Master, having the honor of introducing the trainees on their second mission. Minhyuk has now succeeded former Star Masters Hwang Minhyun, Sunmi and Yeo Jin Goo.

Kpop Survival Shows 2023:

(Photo: Boys Planet (Xports News))

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rap / dance

“LOI” – performed by Park Han Bin (757 points/1st place), Lee Ye Dam, Na Kamden, Wang Zi Hao, Han Yu Jin


“rush hour” – performed by Ricky (745 points/1st place), Ma Jing Xiang, Oh Sung Min, Hiroto, Takuto


voice / rap

“Man in Love” – performed by Kim Tae Rae (740 points/1st place), Lee Dong Yeol, Jung Min Gyu, Choi Woo Jin


“Limousine” – played by Park Ji Hoo (795 points/1st place), Anthony, Krystian


“Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” – performed by Jeong I Chan (730 points), Lee Da Eul, Bak Do Ha


“WILD CATCH” – played by Zhang Hao (894 points/1st place), Sung Han Bin, Lee Hoe Taek, Park Gun Wook

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voice / dance

“feel special” – performed by Zhang Shuai Bo (703 points/1st place), Cha Woong Ki, Lee Dong Gun, Cai Jin Xin


“papillon” – played by Chen Kuan Jui (696 points/1st place), Cong, Lim Jun Seo, Brian


Among all the teams that performed in the episode, “TOMBOY” (vocals/rap) scored 860 points, allowing No. 1 trainee Zhang Hao to score another 150,000 points.

On the song/dance team, “Love Killa” won the mission, with Kim Gyu Vin taking the extra points. Meanwhile, rap/dance has been dominated by “LAW” artists, with Park Han Bin benefiting.

These victories gave the chance to perform there for the groups “TOMBOY”, “Love Killa” and “LAW”. M countdown next broadcast.

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