Don’t be a coward, check out 5 tips to keep your kids happy

Don’t be a coward, check out 5 tips to keep your kids happy

Time to make a decision holiday By bringing children, it will definitely not be easy. Parents will be in trouble because childrenespecially those children who are not yet able to do all the work by themselves.

Not to mention there is the worry that during the vacation the child will be angry and uncomfortable. Parents must find some strategies to bring back the happiness of children.

The purpose of vacations with children is of course to strengthen family relationships. In addition, parents want to make their children have memories from vacations.

Therefore, so that the holidays with children do not end in disappointment, it is good to listen to the list of tips and tricks below, as summarized from different places.

1. Choose a Friends Travel destination

Parents should choose tourist destinations suitable for children, to make children feel at home there. It is also a good idea to talk to the children about the parks they like, so that they don’t regret it because the children actually don’t want to go there.

Children usually prefer to play rather than take pictures, so make sure the destination has a children’s playground. Prioritize the needs of the children, not the parents holiday with children.

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2. Choose a place to eat that your child likes

It is a good idea to look for restaurants in tourist areas that serve food that children like. If the child’s interest is high, then your vacation trip will be good.

The menu of the restaurant must be in accordance with the needs of children, because they usually choose the food. For extra fun, invite the kids to choose their own food menu.

3. Choose a Good Place to Sit

The Sheraton Hotel is a beautiful resortAn example of a bathroom in a hotel. (Photo: Ainun Chomsun/CNN Indonesia)

A hotel or accommodation is an important factor when vacationing with children. Child-friendly accommodation will make children feel at home and they can rest well after a day of sightseeing.

Hotel facilities like swimming pools and playgrounds will also keep the kids happy. In addition, choosing accommodation whose location is not far from the tourist destination will be addressed.

4. Prepare for Children’s Needs

What must be prioritized before leaving for vacation is preparing all the needs of the child. Clothes, milk, diapers, cutlery, medicine, brushes, warm clothes, and even their favorite toys must be brought.

Favorite toys must be brought so that the children do not tire quickly, while medicines are brought only if the child is sick. Check the fulfillment of the child’s needs before really going.

5. Maintain Health Standards

Parents must take care of health regulations in places such as accommodation, restaurants, and parks, so that children do not catch diseases easily. Bring personal hygiene items such as masks, toothbrushes, towels, hand sanitizer, and soap when holiday.

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Avoid parks or restaurants that are full or crowded. Children’s immune system is still very young, so parents must be trained to protect themselves from viruses or diseases from the outside.


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