Dog Poisoning Series: The Mystery Happens

Dog Poisoning Series: The Mystery Happens

But who blames the dogs of La Seyne-sur-Mer (Var)? About thirty dogs have been poisoned since last spring. And since the beginning of the year there have already been seven new cases.

In La Seyne-sur-Mer, dog owners remain on the alert. Since last spring, several canids have been poisoned on the streets of this small Var town.

In fact, black granules or meatballs containing a potent poison were found on the sidewalks and within reach of neighborhood dogs. Poisoning that worries the owners. “My dog ​​never goes out untied,” explains a resident of the district, but also fears that one day he will poison a child, “because children touch everything when they are small.”

opening of an investigation

After ingestion, dogs often vomit, convulse, and drool unusually. According to a veterinarian, the ingested product is from the family of “carbamates,” an insecticide derived from agriculture.

Thirty dogs were poisoned for eight months and three did not survive.

The authorities are now taking this matter very seriously and an investigation has been launched. But so far no suspects have been identified.

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