Does Super Junior go viral after… he has a baby? • Kpop News

Does Super Junior go viral after… he has a baby? • Kpop News

K-pop fans often get creative to get the attention of their favorites, especially at concerts. This can be done by holding a fan sign or even wearing a headband with the idol’s name on it.

A sign for J-Hope from BTS. | @bluseseok/Twitter

super junior They’re currently going viral because of the interesting way a fan caught their attention during a recent broadcast.

Super Junior recently wrapped up dates in Mexico City Super Show 9: Auto Route concert series

super junior

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As expected, the group put on an amazing performance and wowed their fans!

Towards the end of the show, a fan caught the group’s attention by holding their baby in their arms. The Super Junior members fell in love instantly and couldn’t help but focus on the boy.

While that moment was pretty sweet, the fan decided to walk the baby through the crowd SiwonHe’s waiting for his arms!

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It seems that all members have a bit of baby fever because as soon as she got on stage with them, everyone gathered to get a closer look. donghae He even kissed her on the cheek twice!

However, all the attention became overwhelming for the girl and she started to cry. Siwon then sent the girl back to security, who helped her get back to her parents.

This moment was super cute and proves that Super Junior has fans of all ages!