Doctor: Inhaling Hydrogen Is Not A Cure

Doctor: Inhaling Hydrogen Is Not A Cure

Respiratory medicine hydrogen which is now viral is called good for health.

Recently, a group of mothers also appeared to practice hydrogen inhalation. Their actions were made known in a video that was widely discussed in the space at the time.

It is also called a medicine that is useful for health, there are more than 100 diseases that are claimed to be cured by doing hydrogen inhalation treatment. So, when and who can do this treatment?

Pulmonologist Erlang Samoedro said that there is no consensus on who or when a person can be treated with oxygen inhalation. But it doesn’t stop if someone really wants to do this treatment.

“Because it is also medicine, well, this is just more medicine. Yes, you can give it, you don’t give it, it is not good,” said Erlang when contacted by, Monday ( 5/9).

Erlang went on to say that the claims about the inhaler that can cure hundreds of diseases have not been proven. So far, research has failed to prove the ability of hydrogen inhalation to cure diseases in the human body.

“So far, there is no (ability to treat diseases) because its nature is really for medicine, it only works as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory,” said Erlang.

However, Erlang reminded that using hydrogen gas is also illegal. Because if it’s not right it can cause harm through injury to the lungs and lack of oxygen in the body.

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“Remember, inhalation is only as an additional treatment, not the main treatment. So it is not a treatment but only for addition and you have to be careful,” he said.

Meanwhile, a study published in 2011 in NCBI found that hydrogen inhalation therapy can fight depression.

In a study titled Recent Advances in Hydrogen Medicine: Biological Potential for Preventive and Therapeutic Applications, inhaling the gas does not affect blood pressure and may be a direct treatment option.

In a statement, the researchers in the study said that hydrogen gas also has no risk of explosion as long as it is kept at a concentration of less than four percent. However, it must be used with care and even the tools used must be in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations.


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