Do you remember the movie “Sex Intentions”?

Do you remember the movie “Sex Intentions”?

One of the most iconic movies of the 90’s, sex intentions, returning to our screens soon. But this time it’s a series adaptation on the streaming platform Prime video.


The film sex intentionsThe 1999 film was directed by Roger Kumble. Its story is based on the 18th-century French novel. Dangerous Relationshipsby Pierre Choderlos de Laclos.

The film is set in the glamorous and corrupt universe of the rich teenagers of New York’s high society. Kathryn and Sebastian, half-brother and half-sister, forge an evil pact to manipulate and seduce those around them. Your greatest challenge is to corrupt Annette, a young girl known for her virtue. This dangerous and perverse game of seduction draws characters into a whirlwind of events, betrayals and unintended consequences.


sex intentions benefits from an exceptional cast bringing together talented young actors. Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Kathryn Merteuil, a calculating and manipulative young woman, while Ryan Phillippe plays the role of Sebastian Valmont, an irresistible seducer. Reese Witherspoon plays Annette Hargrove, a virtuous and determined young woman.

The representation of sexuality and emancipation

sex intentions Topics such as sexuality, manipulation and emancipation are openly addressed. The film examines how young people in high society use sex as a means of power and control. It questions societal norms and expectations related to female sexuality and sheds light on the complexity of human desires and motivations. The main characters’ journey to discover their true sexual and emotional identities is central to the narrative.

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Since its release sex intentions became a cult film, influenced popular culture and inspired many other films and series. His bold exploration of themes of sex, manipulation and intrigue captivated audiences and earned him a special place in film history.

We are therefore waiting for the eight planned episodes of the serial version of this cult film, which will be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video.

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