Do you remember… the Hit Machine?

Do you remember… the Hit Machine?

Lorie, Le Frunkp, the Pussycats doll… if you were born in the ’80s, you’re probably familiar with these names. Well, all of these artists and many others have gone through the hit machine! Back to this mythical show.

The Hit Machine was a music television show that aired on the channel in France from 1994 to 2009 M6. The first year is Yves Noël etc Ophelia Winters, who made himself known there, who hosts the show. But the version of the show you know best is the one inspired by its British counterpart.” Top of the Pops » presented by the famous duo Charlie and Lulutheir real names Charlie Nestor etc Jean Marc Lubin. The two altar boys will host the show for thirteen seasons and it now takes place every Saturday at 10:30am.

The concept was to showcase the 20 most streamed and sold singles of the week, with the artists behind the hit sounds singing on set.

The hit machine has been a huge success since its inception, as the guests and the shows staged by the artists are truly new and unique. To name just one big name in French music at the time, the French singer was on the set of Hit Machine lorieHe made his first appearance on our screens before he started his big career.

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Unfortunately, the hype surrounding the show died down as quickly as it began… In 2002, viewership of the television show began to decline dramatically. For this reason, the production developed a new concept in 2006 in order to regain the audience’s attention. This season it’s working a bit, but next season it’s the viewership crisis…

In September 2008 Pierre Matthew, the shock duo replaces Charly and Lulu at the helm of the show in a desperate attempt to revive her. It’s a real failure, despite the production’s efforts to bring new concepts to the show, which sadly ends on February 28, 2009…

Even if the last few years haven’t been the best, the hit machine has long remained a staple of French music shows and made many of you dream. You were able to meet artists and titles that are now part of your nostalgic legacy. This iconic show will be remembered by all young people of the 80/90 generation!

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