Do you remember… the group “tATU”?

Do you remember… the group “tATU”?

In 2002 the music video was released All the things she said the tATU group is born. A look back at this phenomenon that marked the beginning of the 2000s.

Remember the famous clip by All the things she said ! In 2002, the Russian group tATu achieved worldwide success thanks to this song, and especially thanks to its rather hot (at least for the time) clip. While the video of two 16-year-old young women kissing caused an uproar in Russia, around the world, the excitement transformed Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina into icons of the gay and lesbian community that we now call the LGBTQIA+ community.

The story begins in 1991 when the two young girls join the children’s group Neposedy. At the age of 16 they are discovered by producers and soon the two teenagers form a duo. The image of their group was created from scratch by their manager Ivan Shapovalov. They are not aware at this point that they have to play a lesbian couple.

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In 2012 the two singers got back together and released an anniversary album for the 10th anniversary of their biggest hit “200 km/h in the Wrong Lane”. But two years later, they officially announce the split of the group. Years later, they create a scandal by revealing that they are in fact straight. Their romance was completely fake. Lena Katina also confided to the Daily Beast in 2013: “I saw it as a role, like in a movie. I’ve never been a lesbian. I’ve never been attracted to a girl.” But while Lena Katina has repeatedly defended the LGBT community in Russia, Yulia Volkova instead distinguished herself with shocking homophobic remarks. Also in the episode she shone several times. First because of his conversion to Islam, then because of his return to the orthodox religion, then because of his bisexual coming-out, which was more than unexpected given his homophobic statements.

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After their breakup, Lena Katina continued to perform solo, her track “Never Forget” earned her the award for the best video of the year, awarded by MTV Russia. Julia Volkova also devoted herself to music before she recently started a political career.

Both women have since become mothers.