Do you remember … shaped bracelets?

Do you remember … shaped bracelets?

There was a time when the wrists of our school children and teenagers were adorned with bracelets of all kinds, but none seemed to rival the famous shaped bracelets. These little brightly colored rubber bands were the most popular fashion accessory of the 2000s and their popularity grew with each new design.

The History of Shaped Bracelets: From First Flop to Worldwide Popularity

In 2003, two Japanese designers tried to modernize the office rubber band, but their idea failed. However, in 2009 Japanese industrialists took up this idea to create playful bracelets and this time it was a success. The popularity of these bracelets began in Japan before spreading to the United States and Europe in 2009 and 2010, with tens of millions of bracelets sold in France. These shaped bracelets are a real hit with children aged 5 to 10, but have also won over a few adults. However, their popularity led to them being banned in several schools in France as they were too distracting to children during lessons.

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The different types of shape bracelets: from animals to food to emojis

Shaped bracelets were a very popular fashion accessory among young people, with a wide variety of styles to collect and trade. There were designs with animals, sports, emojis, food and more. The Bandz were also available in different colors and textures e.g. B. as glow in the dark, two-tone or scented versions. Shape bracelets were often worn alone, but several could be worn together to create a unique look. In addition, the prices remain within the reach of parents, who generally vary between 3 and 4 euros for a pack of 24 bracelets, although their prices can vary depending on the store.

Nostalgia for shaped bracelets: a return to the past

Each bracelet had a different meaning to tell a story and we carefully selected them based on our interests and passions.

A touch of nostalgia, then, in these little rubber bands…reminding us of the days when we spent hours exchanging them with our friends and piling them on our wrists at the playground.

These shape bracelets are not as ubiquitous these days as they used to be. Some may think they have been forgotten, relegated to a mere reminder of youth, but for many of us they remain treasured items tucked away in a drawer or keepsake box.

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