Do not neglect, this is the right way to choose a serum according to the needs of the skin

Do not neglect, this is the right way to choose a serum according to the needs of the skin

Remedy It is a product of care skin very concentrated and has a great ability to penetrate the skin so that it works well.

However, there are still many beginners who do not understand how to choose the right treatment for their facial skin. In fact, many people are afraid to try using medicine because the results are not as expected.

So, how to choose the best treatment for facial skin?

In this regard, the founder of the local beauty brand Somethinc, Irene Ursula, shares the most important tips in choosing the right treatment.

Through her cosmetics, Irene hopes that Indonesian people, especially women, can gain confidence and appreciate their strengths, one of which is using the best medicine.

Serum is a special medicinal product and is intended to achieve specific results. When you choose one, you want to make sure that the treatment will work the way you want it to for your skin. Therefore, it is very important to know your facial skin problems.

“Skincare for everyone is different. Everyone’s mind is different,” said Irene at the release of the latest Somethinc treatment product, in Sarinah area, Central Jakarta, Thursday (1/9).

According to Irene, for those whose skin cannot use the niacinamide ingredient, they can try other ingredients such as vitamin C or arbutin which are specially designed to make the skin brighter.

“If you ask who is the best, it is very difficult. It is similar to the sensitivity of different people to leather goods. There is no other way but to try it yourself,” he said.

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Irene understands that there are a number of users who are unable to choose the right treatment for them. He responded by making his products available in travel sizes so he could start testing the benefits.

“If you protect your skin, if you can, don’t use it on one face right away. You can try it on one cheek first. In addition, it contains retinol. You can’t use with it directly with high doses,” she said. Irene.


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