DNA Test Results Of Abby Choi’s Remains Found Revealed Kpop News

DNA Test Results Of Abby Choi’s Remains Found Revealed Kpop News

DNA test results from the remains found of Abby Choi in the shocking murder case were recently released by police.

The murder of Hong Kong model Abby Choi has been the focus of global media attention for more than a week. New details about this shocking murder case continue to be updated and capture the public’s attention.

On March 6, the South China Morning Post reported that police, after conducting DNA tests, confirmed that the remains found in the ground floor apartment of a three-storey house in Lung Mei Tsuen, Tai Po, Hong Kong (China) contained the by Abby Were Choi. Bones including a skull found in a pot of soup and feet hidden in a refrigerator.

While the above remains have been found and tested for DNA, police are still searching for other remains (hands and torso) of Abby Choi in suspicious locations.

Abby Choi

Earlier, in an interview with HK01, police revealed that Abby Choi’s ex-husband and his in-laws adamantly refused to reveal the location where her body was dumped, making their investigation very difficult.

Since last week, more than 100 police officers, including mobile units, key search teams and regional crime teams, have been mobilized and focused on searching for a tomb in Ta Kwu Ling (Hong Kong, China) to conduct an investigation, but no results have been received.

On March 2, NextApple reported that police would have trouble convicting the murder suspects if Abby Choi’s remaining body parts and convincing evidence were still not found. Meanwhile, the murder charges against Abby Choi’s ex-husband and his in-laws could be reduced to manslaughter, and their sentence would also be much lighter than life imprisonment. This makes the public extremely angry.

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To date, a total of 6 suspects have been arrested in the Abby Choi murder case. The suspects’ identities were released as Kwong Kau (65, retired police officer, ex-victim’s brother-in-law), Anthony Kwong (31, driver, ex-victim’s brother-in-law), Alex Kwong (28-year-old, unemployed, ex-husband). of the victim), Jenny Li (63 years old, pensioner, ex-mother-in-law of the victim).

Abby Choi

The fifth suspect is Wu (47 years old, lover of Kwong Kau). She will be released on bail for investigation and will have to report to the police at the end of March. The latest suspect is Lin, 41, a yacht company employee who is said to have helped Abby Choi’s ex-husband escape. He has just been released on bail by police but is restricted from leaving the territory, cannot leave his home and is required to report to police twice a week.

Abby Choi

In addition, the pre-trial scheduled for February 27 in this shocking murder case has been postponed to May 8 to allow police to continue their investigation and gather more evidence.

Source: k14.