DIY Palace Dance, Archery, and Thiwul Become Invisible Cultural Heritage

DIY Palace Dance, Archery, and Thiwul Become Invisible Cultural Heritage

A total of 26 local wisdoms in Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY) from traditional paintings to types of food are classified as The Unseen Cultural Heritage (WBT).

A lot of local wisdom was previously presented to the Ministry of Education and Culture, complete with documents of cultural activities that were submitted through a trial to determine WBTB Indonesia 2022 in late September to early October.

Local wisdoms in DIY that have been designated as WBTB in 2021 include the cultural activities of Yogyakarta Palace, namely Beksan Lawung Alit, theater area; Labuhan Merapi, area of ​​traditional culture, traditional culture; Denial of culture and oral communication.

Beksan Inom and Bedoyo Angron Akung from the theater area are cultural acts that became Puro Pakualaman’s WBTB.

In addition, Thiwul food is an area of ​​traditional arts and crafts, Wiwitan Panen Padi is an area of ​​knowledge and attitudes about the world. There is also Yogyakarta Batik Motifs, a cultural and oral expression area, and Taraban Traditional Festival, an area of ​​traditional festivals.

Some of the other cultural activities that have become WBTB 2021 include lemper, agung nyadran of Makam Sewu, traditional festival of Gumregan, Kotagede silver craft, jemparingan (traditional language), Saliswara Ki Hadjar Dewantara way of learning, among others.

Governor DIYSri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X invited all parties to collect information on the cultural activities produced to facilitate their registration as WBTB in the future.

This invitation is based on a DIY experience that is difficult to collect information supporting cultural activities that will be registered with the certificate of WBTB from the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.

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“From what was presented (DIY) which was more than 700 cultural activities, in the end only 200 can be discussed. With this experience, we hope, in Jogja and other provinces, there will be a will from first to record the products produced by generations of people. past and present, to make it easier if you want to register,” said Sultan at the WBTB DIY 2022 festival at Gedhong Pracimasana, Kepatihan Complex, Yogyakarta City Tuesday (27/9 ).

According to him, it is important to collect information on cultural activities if you intend to place the activities created as a source of civilization at that time, as history and wealth in the future.

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