Discover the 20 names that will be the most popular in 2050

Discover the 20 names that will be the most popular in 2050

An American website specializing in finding children’s first names has just published the list of 10 male first names and 10 female first names that should be trending in 2050.

Nameberry, a platform that presents itself as the largest resource in the world for finding your future child’s first name, has just released such a ranking.

And if it catches on for the United States, as in many areas, it could start the trend in France. Today, Ryan, Kévin and Lily are among the most popular first names in France.

To compile this list, Nameberry believes fashion influences our daily lives, but most importantly, fashion changes over the years. In concrete terms, everything would only be cyclical and what is obsolete today can be fashionable in the future. The timeless will go out of fashion and unusual first names will become the norm. Then vice versa.

To predict what will be at the top in 2050, Nameberry members have been searching for the least-taken names for the past few years.

As a result, the ten trending first names for women in 2050 are: Eleri, Franklin, Ione, Lunarose, Pandora, Pixie, Prairie, Vita, Willoughby, and Xoe.

The ten trending first names for a man in 2050 are: Clément, Florian, Hale, Helix, Isidore, Jupiter, Kanoa, Oakes, Vision and Wilbur.

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