Disappearance of Solen Roy-Pagenault, “the mother” of Candice Renoir

Disappearance of Solen Roy-Pagenault, “the mother” of Candice Renoir

Sad news tonight as we learn on social networks of the disappearance of Solen Roy-Pagenault, to whom we owe Candice Renoir in particular.

On social networks we learned of the disappearance of Solen Roy-Pagneault, author and television creator of the character of Candice Renoir, a series that she supervised for 4 seasons and to which she returned in the 10th season:

« “The good girls go to heaven, the others everywhere”. Solen died in Paris on Tuesday February 7, 2023, surrounded by her two daughters and her lover.«

For her part, his “heroine” Cécile Bois also reacted, to pay tribute to the one who accompanied him so much, with the modesty and dignity that characterizes her:
” It was yesterday.
It is today.
It will be forever.
I love you @solen_roy«

She started her career as a corporate lawyer before moving on to become first an editor for France 2’s fiction department and then a writer. She learned her craft from Julie Lescaut, Women of Laws or Research Section. In 2011 she founded Candice Renoir, which she mentored for 4 years. We also owe her the script for Touchées, which won an award at La Rochelle in 2022. She also had many projects in development.
TV tonight mourns the loss of one of its writers who knew how to make popular fiction.

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