Dexter: The Trinity Killer will have its own series

Dexter: The Trinity Killer will have its own series

While Paramount+ is already working on a series about the young Dexter, Season 4 is also planning an origin story about the Trinity Killer.

According to fans, the Trinity killer gave dexter his best season, 4th, thanks to the performance of John Lithgow. This season also featured the strongest cliffhangers at the end of the season. Paramount+ wants to continue with this character and will therefore offer him its spin-off series, an origin story of the character.

At the moment we don’t have any further details on this series starring Arthur Mitchell, or if Lithgow will be returning in this series one way or another. In the voiceover like Dexter?

« The Trinity killer has been operating on American soil for years. Agent Lundy has always been on his trail, but he loses it every time the killer moves. After a series of crimes, always staged in the same way, he disappears for several months, even several years. It is therefore difficult to find. » (Dexter Hypnoweb)

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