Dew Launches Facial Care Line for Your Work

Dew Launches Facial Care Line for Your Work

After the success with the body care product line, Dew Now is back with new innovations by launching the first face treatment that offers free.
facial care experience with color changing and results for save the youth and glowing skin.

This facial care series was first introduced as a product by Dew Itk personal without arm same to you take good care of It is specially formulated to prevent premature aging and keep the skin hydrated. This line is perfect for those of you who have an active lifestyle as well Functional Skin Symptomswhere the elasticity of the skin is reduced due to temperature, activity, excess oil or dehydration.

In addition to providing water and making the skin stay bright as a whole, a collection skin care New Dew It is formulated with many good ingredients to care for healthy skin.

Share It In The Morning – Miracle Gel-to-Oil Cleanser It

A cleaner gel-to-hand-free first to change the text gel He became milk to a soft foam that lifts dirt and makeup in 3-10 seconds. This product has up to 3 different texture changes and is 25% more effective in retaining moisture and contains Vitamin E and gout cola.

Dew It Every Time – Power Toning Hydration

Dew Launches Facial Care Line for Your It

A new combination of moisturizer and toner in the shape stick which plays a dual role in brightening and firming the skin. It helps reduce fine lines by up to 40%, improves skin elasticity and firmness by up to 55% and provides up to 86% more hydration thanks to Hyaluronic acid3.5% Alpha Arbutin, Witch Hazel, same to you Kakadu Plum

Share It Before Bed – Miracle Repair Oil

Dew Launches Facial Care Line for Your It

Dry Oil the first in the form of an easy-to-use pen and tool Triple Radiance Booster to treat hyperpigmentation, change acne scars and darkness with the first results in 3 days of use.

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support Triple Collagen Action which causes, stabilizes and prevents the reduction of collagen levels, as well Active Sun ProCare which protects the skin and treats the skin from sun damage. Face oil it also contains Concentrated Vitamin C 3%, Turmeric Oil, Vitamin E & Primrosesame to you Raspberry seed oil.

Dew Launches Facial Care Line for Your It

All three methods of communication skin care It will be launched through Dew It Official Store on Tokopedia on November 25 2022. Dew is also presenting a special promotion during the exclusive launch period from November 25 2022 – December 14 2022 on Tokopedia.

Not only that, Dew Zai will also introduce the version mini size of the three products skin care the new ‘Game Changer Bundle’ which will be available in December. For those of you who feel like you’re a busy woman, let’s try a range of skin care products from Dew It!

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