Developer So travel requests are considered a violation of human rights, This is Wamenkes’ Response

Developer So travel requests are considered a violation of human rights, This is Wamenkes’ Response

The new requirement for travel is not about the second vaccine but the drug stimulant.

This creates advantages and disadvantages because this is called human abuse. One of the members of the board of the IX DPR RI explained this.

After the application of PeduliLindung in the past was said to violate human rights, it has now become a trend to increase the vaccine as a travel requirement that violates human rights.

The Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Dante Saksono, responded to this.

“So in reality, this injection, if I say fard kifayah, must be a burden on one’s neck, because if a person is not vaccinated, if he gets easily infected with the Covid-19 disease, he gets on a plane, then he cough in a plane, one plane. he gets them all,” said Dante in a hearing with Commission IX of DPR RI, Tuesday (30/8).

“Therefore, even though it contains elements to protect human rights, we must maintain unity so that this prevention becomes a joint program between the community and the government,” he said.

Experts argue that antibiotics are needed to increase the body’s immunity from the Covid-19 virus.

“Boosters are needed because antibodies to Covid-19 will decrease over time. Usually 6 months there are few antibodies so reinforcement is needed,” said Erlang Samoedro, a pulmonologist, via text message, early last year she passed.

According to Erlang, BPOM said that the antibody titer after the first and second doses of the vaccine decreases, so another vaccine is needed.

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Penny Kusumastuti Lukito, President of BPOM stated that “Immunity data from monitoring and clinical trial results of all Covid-19 vaccines have shown a drop in immunity levels to less than 30 percent, which occurs after 6 months of full administration the first vaccine,” said Penny Kusumastuti Lukito, President of BPOM, at a meeting. press on Monday (10/1).


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