Déter: a new daily fiction on Slash

Déter: a new daily fiction on Slash

France Télévisions announces the start of filming by next November on Déter, a fiction destined for the Slash platform.

A few months ago when the end better life was recorded, France Télévisions announced a new project determinea daily drama for Slash Today, begins filming and wraps up in November. Niels Rahou, Sebastien Fabioux and Alexandre Gorget are responsible for writing the 200 7-minute episodes (or 35 weekly 35-minute episodes). We find what we are looking for at the casting Bastien Savarino (Sohan), Romane Mondoulet (Elsa), Yanis Khiar (medicine), Jeanne Hendschel (Lia), Alix Dehais (Chloé) Alex Henri (Noah), Lyo Gomis (Juliet), woman thong (M Gauthier),Vadim Agid (Jordan), Laurent Jumeaucourt (Herve LeGall), Dounia Hadia (Noor Allaoui), Anton coffee (Polo), Thibaud Delille (basil) …

Agricultural school Anjela Duval (Brittany), it’s school again. For Elsa, Lia, Medhi and the other CGEA (Driving and Management of Agricultural Business) high school graduates, it is also the last straight line before high school. Whether they are sons of farmers with a destiny or young people passionate about biodiversity, whether they wanted to follow this path or whether it was “strongly recommended” to them because of their grades, their behavior, their inadequacy in general, these high school students juggle between their dreams and their doubts, their hopes and their problems. They are between 17 and 19 years old, dream of working with animals, taking care of a farm, developing landscapes; sometimes to just graduate from high school without really planning, just so we don’t get her drunk. They learn math, French, but also driving a tractor or cutting sheep’s hooves. On Wednesdays after school they go hunting or fishing; and in the evenings they scroll on their phones from their room at the boarding school located in the high school. In short, teenagers who are both mundane and extraordinary. One foot in childhood, the other in adulthood. Both in the mud but still standing. Even when life tries to bring them to their knees. But this year, Sohan, a new student desperate to find out what happened to his best friend, comes to Anjela Duval and completely changes her life…

As France Télévisions announced that the broadcast would follow the viewers’ school calendar, can we bet on a September broadcast?

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