Despite its popularity, Black Knight is getting mixed reviews

Despite its popularity, Black Knight is getting mixed reviews

Netflix has released a new Korean sci-fi series called Black Knight, which consists of six exciting episodes.

According to FlixPatrol, the series made a splash in the Netflix TV series category, taking second place with a respectable score of 592 points.

Despite its popularity, Black Knight has received mixed reactions

In addition, the series reached #1 in eight countries including Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The series achieved these excellent ratings within 24 hours of its May 12 release.

“Black Knight” transports viewers to a future Korean peninsula where people’s lives depend on the use of oxygen masks. The story revolves around a mysterious and legendary delivery boy named 5-8 (Kim Woo Bin) who befriends a resistance fighter named Sa Wol (Kang Yoo Seok). Together they bravely challenge the powerful Cheonmyeong group that controls this post-apocalyptic world.

"Black Knight" Despite its popularity, K-Selection has met with mixed reactions

Kim Woo Bin plays a 5-8 with impressive fighting skills. During the day he works as a delivery man, transporting essential supplies such as oxygen and survival supplies.

But as night falls, he takes on the role of a determined knight intent on disrupting the established order and uncovering the mysteries of the powerful Cheonmyeong group.

"Black Knight" Despite its popularity, K-Selection has met with mixed reactions

However, despite high expectations, the series was met with more criticism than praise. She drew attention to several things, including her departure from the original webtoon, staging issues, and academic inaccuracies.

Despite its popularity, Black Knight has received mixed reactions

One of the main points was the portrayal of the character Sa Wol, who was female in the original work but was transformed into a male in the series.

A Korean netizen expressed his disappointment by saying: “I read the webtoon and loved Sa Wol. But I just found out they turned her into a male character. Seriously, don’t they realize they’re ruining the heart of the story? The fact that the main character is a woman made this story so unique. I mean what were you thinking? It’s so frustrating! »

"Black Knight" Despite its popularity, K-Selection has met with mixed reactions

Another netizen commented: “I saw Black Knight today and it’s ridiculous. In the original webtoon, Sa Wol was clearly the main character and 5–8 were supporting characters. But in the Kdrama adaptation, not only did they make 5-8 the main character, they also changed the gender of Sa Wol to male. »

Foreign reviewers at IMDB said the following about the Black Knight series: Black Knight is a Korean teenage sci-fi TV series that falls short in many ways. Despite its potential, the series suffers from a low budget, poor worldbuilding, and a ridiculous premise that’s hard to take seriously.

Black Knight Netflix

Another reviewer said: “It’s too similar to the millions of movies and shows Americans have made over the years. »

Additionally, another reviewer said: “This film has the potential to be good, but the story is too convoluted for me. Very difficult to follow. To be honest, I think it would be better to do a two-hour film than a series. »

"Black Knight" Despite its popularity, K-Selection has met with mixed reactions

On the other hand, some viewers praised the series by saying: “If you want to watch the film in reruns and enjoy mind-blowing action that takes you into sci-fi tropes with hackneyed CGI and a poorly realized love story, you’ve come to the right place. I bet “.

Another viewer commented: “The storyline was engaging, fast-paced, and the dynamic between the characters and their relationships was incredibly refreshing. Each episode builds the plot well and the architectural design of the buildings is really creative. »

black Knight

Positive comments were also made: “Black Knight is a perfect example of why Asian TV is at the forefront right now” etc “I’m watching ‘Black Knight’ on Netflix right now. That means I’m currently in love with Kim Woo Bin.

However, some denounce the strange similarities with other creations, in particular with the famous video game DeathStranding. In this futuristic game there is a protagonist who carries out deliveries in an apocalyptic futuristic world like characters 5-8 in the series. Some subscribers then accused Netflix of plagiarizing Hideo Kojima’s game.

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Hideo Kojima black knight

In the face of numerous messages highlighting the similarities between the series and the video game, the streaming service assured that Black Knight did not plagiarize Hideo Kojima or any other creation.

Netflix notably clarified that their South Korean series is based on the webtoon of the same name, published by Lee Yoon Kyun in 2016. The video game, meanwhile, wasn’t released until three years later. But as DeathStranding fans point out, the first teaser was unveiled at a Sony conference in 2016.

DeathStranding black knight

The platform’s response, while reassuring, may not be entirely acceptable to some.

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