Death of Axelle Dorier in Lyon in 2020: the driver of the car sentenced to 12 years in prison

Death of Axelle Dorier in Lyon in 2020: the driver of the car sentenced to 12 years in prison

At the end of the four-day hearing, the Rhône Assizes on Friday January 20 sentenced the driver of the car who violently mowed down Axelle Dorier before dragging her more than 800 meters to 12 years in prison.

Youcef Tebbal, a 24-year-old young man, was sentenced this Friday to 12 years of criminal imprisonment for hitting and killing Axelle Dorier in a car that was dragged more than 800 meters in Lyon in July 2020.

Sixteen years imprisonment had been required

He was before the Rhône Assizes since Tuesday on charges of intentional use of violence resulting in death without intention to use it and hit-and-run. 16 years in prison had been requested against him. His cousin Mohamed-Amine Yelloule, a passenger in the vehicle, was sentenced to five years in prison, two of which are solid, for failing to provide assistance to a person in danger.

Advocate General Romain Ducrocq had applied for five years in prison against the 22-year-old, including one year without demanding his sentence. He also spoke of “a dramatic affair charged with immense emotions”.

Died on her birthday night

The drama took place on the night of July 18-19, 2020 in the Fourvière district of Lyon, where Axelle Dorier celebrated her 23rd birthday with her twin brothers and friends. The dog of a guest from Axelle’s group had been run over by the car of a young woman who had come with friends to find Youcef Tebbal and Mohamed-Amine Yelloule.

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The vehicle was then surrounded by members of Axelle’s group. Insults and beatings on the vehicle followed, followed by violence against the young woman. Axelle, who had called the police about the fallen dog, then stood in front of the Golf being driven by Youcef Tebbal to stop the young man and his cousin leaving. She had been hit by the golf once, then fallen, then a second time. His body was trapped under the car and dragged more than 800 meters.

The driver said he panicked

On Tuesday, Youcef Tebbal apologized “for everything that happened”. “Axelle Dorier, I haven’t seen her. It was an accident,” he said, denying he hit her on purpose.

However, on Thursday he caused trouble by declaring: “The person responsible for the death of Axelle Dorier is Clément Saussac (her boyfriend, ed.

He explained that he panicked when “it banged left and right” and about 15 people surrounded him. “Axelle Dorier, I saw it as if it were my sister. I feel what the family feels and I’m willing to pay,” he said.

Representing 15 civil parties, Me Gabriel Versini-Bullara condemned his behavior and his “seven requests for release in two and a half years” and provoked an “intolerable culture of reduced sentences”. “You turned Axelle Dorier into a puppet,” he scolded, referring to the young woman’s mutilated body.