Death of Axelle Dorier 2020 in Lyon: 16 years imprisonment demanded against the main accused

Death of Axelle Dorier 2020 in Lyon: 16 years imprisonment demanded against the main accused

After four days of hearings, the Rhône Assizes has to give its verdict this Friday, January 20th, in the case of Axelle Dorier, a young woman who was mowed down by a car in the summer of 2020 and dragged more than 800 meters. The Advocate General requested sixteen years imprisonment against the main accused.

“At the wheel of his car, he stole the life of the victim, who died in excruciating pain,” the Advocate General said at the hearing. As the trial into Axelle Dorier’s death ends this Friday, 16 years in prison have been demanded against the driver of the vehicle that killed the young woman in 2020.

The judge maintained the intent to use force resulting in death – the basis for the charge against the defendant – but not the specific intent to kill. The offense was therefore not reclassified as murder.

Convicted of “failing to provide assistance to an endangered person”, five years imprisonment was also demanded against the vehicle occupant, one of which was for a company.

died on her birthday night

Axelle Dorier died in Lyon (Rhône) on July 19, 2020 after being hit by a car and dragged several hundred meters.

That evening she celebrated her 23rd birthday in a city park with about twenty friends present as well as her two twin brothers.

But by 3:30pm the evening had degenerated into altercations between the group of friends and another group accused of hitting a dog belonging to one of Axelle’s acquaintances.

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Two teenagers in a car were then surrounded by the young woman and her friends. The driver forced the passage, mowing down Axelle Dorier and dragging her 807 meters, under the eyes of her brothers.