Date Kim Jaejoong? Idol Actor Reveals Who He’s Dating With

Date Kim Jaejoong? Idol Actor Reveals Who He’s Dating With

“I’m just going out.” Kim Jaejoong made a surprising confession about his relationship status on a TV show, and viewers were surprised to find out who the lucky person was.

Can you guess who the singer is dating?

Kim Jaejoong Reveals Relationship Status + Who Is The Singer Dating?

(Photo: Twitter by Kim Jaejoong)
Kim Jaejoong

On March 15, idol actor Kim Jaejoong revealed on a variety show The Life Of Men These Days – Husband Class that he is currently in a relationship.

During the episode, the singer revealed the reason behind his rare presence and TV show presence in Korea. According to him, he is busy promoting in Japan. He also stated that he lives abroad due to the length of his promotions.

As the show progressed, Kim Jaejoong also revealed his boring lifestyle. One of the hosts, Lee Seung Cheol, then advised him:

“You need a girlfriend soon.”

But viewers and MCs were shocked when Kim Jaejoong revealed his relationship status.

“I’m just going out.”

In November 2022, Kim Jaejoong ranked the #1 K-pop idol. Japanese women want to get married, which is why his latest admission has sent the internet into a frenzy. The poll also showed how immensely popular he is in the country.

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However, viewers and their fans immediately breathed a sigh of relief after following her revelation.

Kim Jaejoong says:

“I’m in a relationship with my fans.”

Lee Seung Cheol then apologized to Kim Jaejoong, claiming that the idol actor said it because he was from the older generation. They learned it in their own time.

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Kim Jaejoong

(Photo: Instagram by Kim Jaejoong)
Kim Jaejoong

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong’s fans immediately took to social media to express their reaction to the idol’s playful remark.

That’s what the idols are still saying!! I was so shocked!

I expected that before I clicked

I love Kim Jaejoong and it grabs my heart watching him

I knew he would say something like that!

Oh, I was so shocked!!!

As to be expected from the giant king of pseudo-relationships

I thought “finally!!!” but then he realized he was going to be an idol for the rest of his life.

Ah. I love this oppa so much!!!

He is currently dating me.

The silver lining, however, is that Kim Jaejoong’s relationship with his fans seems to have deepened.

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For new fans, Kim Jaejoong is a legendary 2nd generation K-pop male idol due to his amazing voice and one of the most OG visuals in the K-pop industry.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Kim Jaejoong’s contract with C-JeS ends in April after 14 years. He will continue his work as a solo artist and is to pursue his career independently.

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