Dangers of Sleepovers, Dangers of Sex Wrapped in Love

Dangers of Sleepovers, Dangers of Sex Wrapped in Love


The train sleepy sleep the date There are many comments on social media. But behind this pleasant ‘sleep’, it turns out that the sleep date is dangerous.

Some time ago, netizen’s entries revealed that sleep date and the couple who cooked for him. A sleepover date refers to a date that takes place while staying at a partner’s or lover’s house.

The upload also mentions how women are attracted to men who wear men’s clothes or their partners.

This upload immediately received a variety of responses. Maybe at first he wanted to spark a funny discussion but instead the uploader was ‘rujak’ by netizens. Some say that a sleepover date is no different than a date.

According to the psychologist Marissa Meditania, the sleep date is actually just the manifestation of long thoughts and types of behavior such as FWB (friends with benefits), HTS (relationship without status) or TT, (friends but I’m close).

“This is a new era, a new brand, [membuatnya] it’s sweeter, more positive, although it’s not something that can be justified either,” Marissa told CNNIndonesia.com via voicemail, Friday (9/9).

He said sleep date, FWB, HTS or the goal and concept are similar, that is, getting close. It’s just that FWB already has a bad reputation. FWB is seen as a relationship that aims only for sexual pleasure without commitment and carries the risk of contracting diseases including HIV/AIDS.

A sleepover comes with the best idea. Although the risks are more or less the same. Marissa added that with the spread of this good word on social media, it is feared that sleepovers will become a regular thing.

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Considering that date sleep is also at risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other effects that have not been considered before.

“Not to mention that people feel it’s normal even though they’re not ready to have sex, then their partner breaks up with them and they’re devalued. [melakukan] and normalize [sleepover date]” he said.


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