Crazy Bear: Is the movie based on a true story?

Crazy Bear: Is the movie based on a true story?

The hit horror comedy is said to be inspired by the story of a black bear who stumbled upon a packet of cocaine in a forest in the United States

A sad incident

The story is inspired by a true event. It is 1985 when American authorities found a 90 kg black bear dead after an overdose in a forest in the state of Georgia in the United States. The autopsy revealed that the poor animal had indeed taken a large amount of cocaine, earning him the name “Pablo Escobear” after the famous drug dealer. Once again proof that man accidentally kills his environment.


A police officer turned human trafficker

The story begins with Andrew Carter Thornton II. A former police officer turned cocaine dealer. He became a paratrooper for the US Army and was even awarded the Purple Heart in 1965. Shortly thereafter, he returned to Kentucky, where he joined the Lexington drug police team. Only here does the man like the danger and no longer like his job or he no longer tests much lust there, “thrills”.

In 1981, he was tracked down by authorities smuggling marijuana aboard a plane involving 24 people from South America to Lexington. The penalty is 5 months imprisonment and immediate dismissal from the legal profession, the latter had previously practiced as a lawyer. In 1985, his last mission takes place, which will directly reflect our story. While flying over Knoxville, Tennessee, Andrew jumps off the plane with a bag containing $15 million worth of cocaine. Unfortunately, the former policeman’s parachute did not open. The result is predictable: we found the body of a bear, its mouth in the cocaine bag. He would have ingested about 4g of cocaine: crazy bear? In any case, no witness statements had been taken by the authorities at the time. The film has been in cinemas since March 15th.

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