Cracked coconut milk makes it delicious, these are tips for cooking coconut milk soup

Cracked coconut milk makes it delicious, these are tips for cooking coconut milk soup

You may have experienced a disaster coconut milk break the time cook food vegetable lodeh or goat curry. Apart from looking bad, cracked coconut milk also does food taste m.

Coconut milk made from coconut is often used in various Indonesian dishes. Starting from rendang, curry, vegetable lodeh, or other dishes like ice cendol to green beans.

When the coconut milk is broken, it will be doughy, grainy, and not mixed with sauce. The flavor that should be produced from coconut milk is lost, it becomes bad.

“It’s broken, the coconut milk has become liquid and the fat has separated. The food has failed,” said Food Creator and Cooking Club founder Fatmah Bahalwan at the Coconut Day commemoration event at Bunga Rampai Resto, Menteng, Central Jakarta. some time ago.

But don’t worry, there are some tips that can be done at home to avoid cooking with coconut milk. Here are some tips.

1. Boil water

If you are cooking lodeh or goulash, first bring the water to a full boil. This boil can also be done while adding lodeh vegetables or mutton, chicken, and beef to cook.

2. Use low heat

It is important to use moderate heat trying to be low. This method can make cooked food with peace of mind.

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3. Enter the thin coconut milk first

If two types of coconut milk are used, that is, thin coconut milk and thick coconut milk, it is better to pour the smallest coconut milk first. Slowly pour the coconut milk into the boiling water while stirring evenly.

4. Add rice flour

You can also use rice flour. Pour the rice flour into the coconut milk that will be used for cooking. Use a little rice flour, in a ratio of 1:3.

“Remember to add the coconut milk at the end of the cooking time. After the coconut milk is brought in, stir it evenly,” he said.


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