Copenhagen calls on the Iranian ambassador to denounce the executions

Copenhagen calls on the Iranian ambassador to denounce the executions

Denmark will summon the Iranian ambassador to Copenhagen on Monday to express its “outrage” at the execution of two men in connection with protests sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini in custody, the Danish boss announced on Sunday.

After the hanging of two men convicted on the sidelines of the demonstrations in Iran, Denmark and other countries have summoned the Iranian ambassadors present on their soil.

“We invite the Iranian Ambassador to a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send him the strongest and most imaginable signal that the mistreatment committed against his people provokes our outrage,” Foreign Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen told local Ritzau news agency.

The ministry told AFP that the meeting would take place on Monday.

Many convictions in Iran

Iran’s judiciary announced the hanging of two men found guilty of killing a paramilitary during demonstrations in western Tehran on November 3, sparking an international outcry.

The United States condemned a “show trial” and executions as “a key element of the regime’s strategy to suppress the demonstrations” that have rocked the country for months.

“The situation in Iran is very serious. It evokes many different emotions, including a great respect for some people who show incredible heroism when defying a bestial regime,” said Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

Within the European Union, the Netherlands has also summoned the Iranian ambassador to express its “serious concern” about the situation in Iran.

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