Contestants Start First Round of “Double Position Battle” –

Contestants Start First Round of “Double Position Battle” –

Mnet’s new survival program “Boys Planet” has now published its sixth episode, which deals with the trainees’ second mission “Dual Position Battle”.

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‘Boys Planet’ Episode 6: ‘Dual Position Battle’ fuels intense rivalry

“Boys Planet” has now engaged the viewers in the second mission of the contestants and heated up the competition.

This new idol survival show from Mnet is the counterpart to Girls Planet 999, which spawned Kep1er. In the previous fifth episode, the trainees went through their first elimination process.

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After their fierce cover match in Episode 4, Group K defeated Group G 6-1, giving them the lead in this fiery competition. In the end, a total of 52 contestants remained, as 41 were removed from the show’s original 93 contestants.

The honor of revealing the results went to actor and star master Yeo Jin Goo. In addition to the 52 candidates, the first nine finalists were announced in episode 5.

Boys Planet Episode 5 Recap: Competitors suffer first eliminations + 52 trainees remain

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See the list here:

1. Sung Han Bin

2. Seok Matthew

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3. Kim Ji Woong

4. Han Yu Jin

5. Zhang Hao

6. Kim Gyu Vin

7. Lee Hoe Taek

8. Keita

9. Jay

In Episode 6, it was revealed that BTOB Minhyuk is the program’s fourth Star Master. He has now joined former coaches Hwang Minhyun, Sunmi and Yeo Jin Goo.

BTOB Minhyuk

(Photo: Instagram: @hutazone)

Minhyuk is more than qualified to perform as a Star Master as he is also known for bringing talent to the table with his music, performances, songwriting, songwriting and even DJ skills. On March 3, it was announced that Minhyuk was joining the squad. “Boys Planet” PD (Producing Director) Kim Shin Young praised the experience and talent of the Minhyuk veterans.

“Lee Minhyuk added to the overall vibe through his chemistry with the trainees, which went beyond their senior-junior relationship. Alongside his solid demeanor as a senior, you can witness Minhyuk’s responsive performance as an MC.

Star Master Minhyuk then introduced the trainees to their second mission entitled “Dual Position Battle”. In this segment, contestants will take on two different roles consisting of song and rap, song and dance, or rap and dance. As an advantage, the winner can play Mnets “M Countdown”.

The Vocal and Rap category included the mission tracks “TOMBOY” by (G)I-DLE, “Man In Love” by INFINITE, “Limousine” by BE’O and “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms”.

For singing and dancing, the required songs were “Home” by SEVENTEEN, “Feel Special” by TWICE, “Love Killa” by MONSTA X and “Butterfly” by BTS.

Finally, rap and dance include Jessi’s “ZOOM”, H1GHER MUSIC’s “GANG” and Yoon Mirae and BIBI’s “LAW”.

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Check out the following performances:


“CORRIDOR” – Performed by Lee Seunghwan (700 points / 1st place), Kum Jun Hyeon, Chen Jian Yu, Lee Jeong Hyeon, Mun Jung Hyun


“ZOOM” – performed by Keita (736 points / 1st place), Park Hyun Been, Wumuti, Ollie



“A house” – performed by Yoon Jong Woo (660 points / 1st place), Yoo Seung Eon, Jay, Ji Yun Seo, Dang Hong Hai


“I love Killa” – performed by Kim Gyu Vin (758 points / 1st place), Kim Ji Woong, Seo Won, Seok Matthew


At the end of the episode, two exciting previews were aired that kept viewers in their seats. The first teaser introduces viewers to the next set of performances, while the second offered a glimpse of their third mission.

Check out previews here:



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