Confused where to stop? This is the difference between hotels, hotels, hostels and hostels

Confused where to stop? This is the difference between hotels, hotels, hostels and hostels

There are different types accommodation which can be found. It all depends on your preferences, your needs, and your pockets to choose where you want to live.

The prices per night for accommodation vary greatly. Most of the time, the accommodation has many places like hotelthe more expensive it is.

Types of accommodation in Indonesia include hotels, resorts, hostels, motels, and guesthouses. For some people, the different types of accommodation can be confusing.

Both are residential areas, so what is the real difference between these areas? These are the differences between hotels, resorts, hostels, hotels, and accommodations, as summarized from various sources.


Picture of a hotel roomPicture of a hotel room. (Photo: IJY/morgueFile)

Hotels are the most common places to stay. There are also different types of hotels, from one star to five star. From standard places to very luxurious.

The hotel’s main selling point is reduced occupancy. The shape of a hotel is usually a large one-story building with many different rooms. The hotel places importance on privacy and comfort.

a park

The basic definition of a resort is a hotel, but with more facilities, services, and accommodation. The accommodation that the resort offers is relaxation and entertainment for the guests.


A motel actually stands for a car hotel. The name is due to the location of most of the hotels on the side of the highway. Motels are usually only one floor.

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In Indonesia, it is difficult to find a motel. This type of accommodation is usually a stopover or a short break for people traveling on long journeys. Accommodation is also cheap.

Dormitory rooms

Bedroom PictureExample of a Dormitory Room. (Photo: CityhostelBerlin/Pixabay)

A hostel is a simple accommodation in which there are two or more beds in one room like in a dormitory. Guests do not rent rooms in hostels, but beds.

So if you rent accommodation alone, usually your roommates are foreigners. However, hostels can be a great option if you are traveling in a group.

Negotiation is a factor that is taken into account as to why you choose to stay at the accommodation. The hostel facilities are endless, even with private bathrooms.

A guest house

Inns are low-budget accommodations that only consist of a small room and one bed. There is no TV or air conditioning in the accommodation, because the rent is cheap.

Hostels hire people who give priority to sleep or rest and do not consider other areas. Travelers often choose accommodation on their way to a destination.


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